I’m Ready for Camp! (Novel Revision Camp)


Woo Hoo! I’m all ready for Camp NaNo! (Just finished my prep in the last few minutes.) It will be revisions for me with a goal to add 30,000 words to Love, Lies, and Clones.  I usually muddle through everything, but with the limited time frame, I thought I’d get organized.  (Okay, this is way too organized.  Forgive me!)

The last week has been preparation: Developing a plan, identifying major plot holes, and organization. Here are the tools I used:

So the next two days are free days where I put the novel aside and breathe before Camp NaNoWriMo starts April 1st.

Are you ready?



My Last 6 Word Stories for March

I dabbled with 6 word stories this past month.  Here are the last ones I came up with:

  • The perfect golden brown marshmallow. Oops.
  • Power outage. See the flashlight? Funny.
  • Three missed doses. Nine months. Baby.
  • Ten pages left. Crap! Dead battery.
  • Corn. Cotton candy. Tilt-o-whirl. Urgh. Vomit.

My thoughts on 6 word stories:  I LOVE to read them.  They are fun to write – BUT it’s extremely hard to write a good one.  I send my admiration out to those authors who do manage to write a really good 6 word story.  Keep writing!


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Urgh… My Novel is Ending too Early!

So, I began writing my novel, Love, Lies, and Clones, February 17th with a goal of writing one scene per day (about 1000 words per day.) At first, I thought the novel would go on and on forever. Now, I’m 45,000 words into it and it appears it will be wrapped up in the next week at maybe a total of 55,000 words. (Yeah, just in time for Camp NaNoWriMo to start – Crap!)

Now I worry my novel will not be long enough. I did a test editing/review of the first two chapters and it looks like I’ll add about 20% to it by just fleshing out my skeletal writing… (With a goal to NOT add meaningless description for the sole purpose of increasing word count.) So that puts me at 66,000 words, which is still about 30K short of my goal of 95K.

So then what? I started doing my research on how to lengthen a piece of writing and brainstorming on my plan for April’s Camp NaNo. Again, I don’t want to lengthen it for the sake of word count, but to ensure I have a full story with meaning. Here are the ideas I came up with.

  • Watch for “telling” and not “showing”. Expand things that seem to be a summary of what happened to tell the whole story.
    • I know I have a few of these scattered throughout the book.
  • Add a subplot: Something that will align and add to the overall theme of the piece.
    • I have a subplot or two… But they are probably underdeveloped and I know I could elaborate on them some. Maybe I’ll find a new one in the editing process that will help tell the story. I need to be careful that I don’t end up with too many of these as well.
  • Character development: Add characters that help portray other characters, add character traits, add scenes to better show character relationship.
    • I think I could add a friend or two for my main character, she currently does not have any friends referenced and this isn’t very believable. Also, I may play with some flashbacks to show how it was to grow up as a clone and to better portray her relationship with her father.
  • More locations, more action: Expand where the novel takes place, add more conflict and more action.
    • Since my novel is a type of mystery/thriller I could definitely throw some red herrings into the mix that would still add to the overall novel. Perhaps even align with a subtheme.
  • Add some side conflicts: what else is going on in the character’s lives besides the main conflict?
    • Again, I hint at these throughout my first draft, but they could definitely be elaborated into their own scenes.

With all this said, I’m still going to keep my word goal of adding 30K to my novel in April – my method will be different that I thought though. Instead of writing the ending (which was my plan), it looks like I’ll be adding new scenes and improving my descriptions of people and places (which I always struggle with when writing. I’m good at writing the action and plot, but need to really focus to paint the sights, sounds, colors, smells, tastes, etc.)

So the good:  I’ll be finishing a first draft of an entire novel within the next week!  HUGE accomplishment that only a few people have done…  And now I’ve completed two in my lifetime with a goal of many more.  And just think, a month ago I thought I’d never write another novel.  I’ll Never Write Another Novel! (I thought)



Novel Update: I have a working title

Coming up with a title for a novel is probably as hard as writing the thing! It needs a title, I keep telling myself. At a current word count of 37,000, it deserves something better than “Clone Novel.” I’ve been throwing things around for a few weeks and am just not happy – how do you summarize an entire novel in a few words? It’s harder than naming your children! I’ve come up with something one step better than “Clone Novel” and will be using the working title, “Love, Lies, and Clones” for now… Hopefully I (or someone else – please help) comes up with something better.

I also put a short synopsis of the novel up on Camp NaNoWriMo for the April kick-off. This was almost as difficult as naming it. I’m sure this will change too, but here is what I have so far.

June’s biggest struggle isn’t that she’s a clone. It’s that her father has disappeared and the police aren’t doing enough to help her find him. True, they’re a little occupied with a serial killer who just killed again after two years of silence. Maybe if June would just tell them her dad was involved in illegal human cloning they’d be more interested? But that would only cause trouble for her dad when (or perhaps IF) they found him.

June can’t sit and wait for the police to find her father, so she sets out on her own investigation with the help of Elliot, a man currently AWOL from the military. With each clue they discover, they learn more about the twisted experiments June’s father headed and why she was created. When June and Elliot finally get close to uncovering the truth, they find themselves dodging bullets.

I’m definitely still excited to finish the beast and continue to write my one scene per day (about 1100 words). I can’t wait to revise it! That’s where all the fun is.

Here is the link to the novel at Camp NaNoWriMo: http://campnanowrimo.org/campers/joyssmc/novels/love-lies-and-clones

And here is the link to it on my “current project” page:  Current Projects




Camp NaNoWriMo – Draft Zero Here I Come!

I’ve been signed up and patiently awaiting National Novel Writing Month (November) – contemplating participation. Fifty-thousand words in a month is crazy, right? With a full-time job, two kids, and an enjoyment of the outdoors, when would I have the time?

But wait! I just discovered Camp NaNoWriMo that runs in April. You can set your own word count goal. This will coincide PERFECTLY with me finishing the novel I started in February. Thirty-thousand words should wrap up draft zero (the terrible concoction that happens before the first draft.)  I’m already 25,000 words into this new novel. Hopefully, I don’t encounter many stumbling blocks as I’m feeling a little writers block today. Oh well, one scene at a time. If it doesn’t go the right way, I’ll just toss it later.

So I’m excited, my very first NaNoWriMo event! Anyone out there in with me?