Writing for Fun! (July’s Camp NaNoWriMo)

Only 7 days to go until July’s Camp NaNoWriMo.  (More info HERE, if you don’t know what that is.). I’ve been working nonstop on my novel, Love, Lies, & Clones since I started it in February.  It’s currently in my beta readers’ hands, so I need a distraction…  Something FUN.


Ten years ago or so, I started a story….  It was shoved in a drawer when the whole Twilight vampire craze hit.  Who needs another vampire story, right?

Well, it turns out I do.  The unfinished story has been nagging on me.  I fell in love with the characters, and they are still insisting I tell the story.  So, in July, I’m going to finally finish it!  I could never get past the first act…  But now… drumroll….  I have the whole thing outlined out.  And not just one outline, but two!

I changed my outlining method and tried the 27 chapter approach.  (More on that HERE or HERE.)  This worked so well for me, I may have found a new way to prepare future projects!

Here is my quick outline overview:


And here is a screenshot of the full 27 page beast!

Screenshot (14)

Now, I can’t wait until July 1st to start writing the story… Again.

Blood & Holy Water Blurb (Also updated my Current Projects page.)

Blood & Holy Water Cover

2nd order angel, Ava, is sick of helping elderly women cross the street and strategically placing spare change where the poor can find it. She wants to be promoted to 3rd order angel and finally earn her wings. An angel promotion takes more than Ava’s hard work and determination – it takes a miracle – literally. Ava’s miracle is saving a fallen angel, one turned vampire 25 years ago.

Fin, the vampire in question, has a different agenda, no miracle needed, no helping a naïve angel earn her wings. He is busy keeping the Blood Board off his back. Fin has spent his entire time as a vampire avoiding his own kind, and now they are forcing him to work with them.

Ava can’t get a break, she is certain this miracle, just like all her miracles before, is a flop when she discovers Fin is impossible — his first killing as a vampire was his wife.

Just when Fin finally scares Ava away, he now frantically needs her because one of his secrets has surfaced. The human daughter he’s been protecting for 25 years is missing. Ava’s ability to detect truth and lies is exactly what he needs when dealing with vampires.

Ava is now busy with her own problems; angels have been turning up dead, drained of blood. It appears a vampire caused the deaths – the problem is vampires cannot see or touch angels. All vampires except for Fin…

Are you ready for camp?


      1. It is a huge deal! I’m not doing camp in July – I have a lot going on and will hopefully get back to finishing my book this summer 🙂 I’d like to start anew in for NaNoWriMo! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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      1. I’ve loved the vampire mythos since I was in junior high school so I’m always interested in a fresh take on the vampire legend. That is, unless the vamps are sparkly, stalker types, who are filled with teen angst (lol). Hope you’ll share snippets of your story :-).

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        1. I never thought of sharing snippets of my story… I’ll have to figure out how to do that, thanks for the idea!

          Don’t get me wrong, I read all the twilight books and thoroughly enjoyed them. I’ve read all the Anne Rice and enjoyed those as well, so I understand where you’re coming from, enjoying the vampire myth. Happy writing!

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  1. Ahh Camp is coming so soon. I was going to write another novel in the same world, but having just finished my first draft I want to get out of there. I am now trying to find which novel I plan to write in the next week. It will be an interesting process.

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    1. Sometimes you just need a break! I should be writing a sequel to my novel as well, but I need to get out of that world for a little while as well. Have fun next week! I hope you pick something to write that you enjoy. Thanks for stopping by, reading, and commenting on my post!


  2. I’m doing the July Camp as well! Your book sounds great.

    What is the 27 Chapter method? The link didn’t work for me, and I’m really curious. Always looking for new ways to plot things out!

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    1. Ugh!!! Thanks for letting me know. I fixed the link. Here it is again: http://brianawrites.blogspot.com/2014/12/27-chapters-to-better-novel.html. or try https://brittanytenpenny.com/2015/01/08/decjan-nanowrimo-201415-day-16-outline-and-story-structure-part-1/ or even this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94F-3Z6CJJw

      I’m glad your doing the July camp. I may have cheated this morning and wrote my first chapter :-(. I couldn’t wait. I’m happy you think my book sounds good! I’m always nervous about those things. Good luck in July!


          1. The first book was split in two, so there is Book 0.5 which will be released for free as a sales magnet and to get people interested in my series. It is the prolog of my main character, whom I’m half in love with! Then there is book one, which is done and in the second round beta reading phase. I hope we can release it by the end of the summer. Finally, I am deep into book two of the series (which I jokingly call book 2.5 because of the prolog short story) and afterwards there will be three more stories telling the tales of The Sleeping Legion!!! Military Science Fiction set in Tim C. Taylor’s Human Legion Universe. It has been a blast to write, and if you promise not to tell my editor,…. I might’ve done it for free, it’s been that much fun to write. Plus, it really has helped me process my PTSD from the stuff we saw/did in Iraq. In what other manner can you go to therapy and they pay you instead?

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          2. Why wait for November? LOL!! Also, I hope to time my writing so I can do the NANO myself but it hasn’t worked out for my yet and since I signed a contract I can’t stop writing to do a new project just for NANO. When this series is done, if I haven’t managed a NANO I will try to time one. Either way, I am have a blast writing.

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          3. Yeah, I’m working on a different novel in between now and November. Something I started 10 years ago and I really want to finish. I’m in love with my characters in this one too.

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