My Favorite Writing Websites

A coworker asked me to send him links of my favorite writing websites… What a hard request! I love and utilize so many of them.

As I began rummaging through my electronic bookmarks, I thought I’d share the list with everyone else. This is only the highlights of the sites I frequently visit – it’s NOT all the sites I use – just the bare bones necessity. (Besides Google – I use that one the most.)

I hope you find something useful here.




  • ProWritingAid for grammar
  • Critique Partners / Beta Swaps
    • Scribophile (Join the Novel Exchange Group – they do a big exchange a few times per year that’s a quick way to have multiple people read your novel at the same time, then discuss it like a book club.)
    • Critters (Especially for sci-fi, fantasy, and horror – I have not tried their other groups for other genres)
    • Goodreads (Beta readers — you’ll need to join the beta reader group HERE )





  • InstaFreebies (to give your book away for reviews — you can advertise this on goodreads)
  • ??? I’m not here yet.  More to come



If you’re dying for more, here’s 100 best websites for writers: The Write Life


What writing sites can you not live without?

Queries, Rejection, & Self-Publishing

For LOVE, LIES, & CLONES, I promised myself  I’d send out queries the traditional publishing route until I received ten rejections, then I’d self-publish. I know, ten rejections is not nearly enough, but I really want to self-publish. I’m interested in the idea of controlling all the aspects of my book – cover, editing, marketing, pricing, etc. In fact, I’d love to have the freedom to give it away free – if I want to.

Well, I’m sticking to my commitment to send out ten queries. I’ve sent out seven in the last week and received two rejections already… Only eight more rejections until self-publication. It’s a funny feeling – these rejections coming in aren’t discouraging. I actually feel relieved to see them.

I just heard of a program through Amazon, Kindle Scout. Anyone out there tried this? It seems like a hybrid between self-publishing and traditional publishing – but I could be completely off base. You post your book (it has to be completely done) and then readers/authors vote on whether they think Amazon Publishing should consider the project. I’m torn – you give up control, but Amazon does some advertising for you.

I’m off… I need to find three more agents to query.



Facebook Author Page

I finally broke down and made a Facebook Author Page. I don’t know what I was waiting for. I had thought it was going to be super complicated, but it was exceptionally easy.

I’ve read a lot about creating an author page vs. using your personal page and I was torn. I choose the author page for the potential of advertising later on, but I never thought of using a personal page. Here was an interesting blog on that:

Now, I just need to figure out what to do with my page! I’m not quite ready for book launches yet.

If you don’t have one yet, here are the directions. I only know how to make one from a regular Facebook page (which I already had).

  1. Log into your Facebook account
  2. Click the down arrow on the toolbar on the top of the page on the right.
  3. Click on “Create Page”
  4. Click on “Artist, Band, or Public Figure”
  5. Keep following the directions

Once I had that set up, I made my banner header using Free easy to use.

I added a link to sign up for my mailing list. Once my books are ready, I can add a link to purchase the book. (Both of which are very cool.)

FB cover

Do you use Facebook to promote your writing? Feel free to post your link and your tips on how you found Facebook helpful.

Here’s my link if you want to see (or like me!):

As always, thanks for reading!