Is Your Book Done Yet? (Part 1)

Over the past nine months, everyone kept asking me, “So… is your book done yet?” Ugh! Really? How long is it supposed to take to write a novel? I thought I was moving along quite quickly.

How long should it take to write a novel?

I did what I always do when I want factual information. I googled it. (Ha. Ha.) Do you know what I found? Famous novels took a variety of time. From 2.5 days (The Boy in the Striped Pajamas) to 16 years (Lord of the Rings Trilogy). Click here for a nice infographic on famous authors / books.

But those are super FAMOUS people. What about everyone else? Those authors without huge publishing contracts. Those who perhaps balance a day job as well as writing.

Well, I met a whole crew of awesome authors during my Kindle Scout campaign. I thought I would throw that question their way.

I’m going to spotlight some of their answers in a three part blog series this week. (Read PART 2 or PART 3) I hope you enjoy the feedback and meeting some new writers–people who have been super supportive of me and my writing adventures.

Today: Speculative Fiction Authors (Fantasy / Science Fiction / Horror)

Note: You can CLICK any book cover below to learn more.

QUESTION: How long did it take you to write your most recent book(s)?



M. Black: Simulation is my most recently finished book. I just finished Quantum State, but it hasn’t been edited and reedited, and beta-read yet. It took about 3 months as most of my books take.


Beyond the Forest

Kay Ling: I spent at least two years rewriting and polishing Beyond the Forest, a novel I wrote and then abandoned in the 1980s due to my time-consuming career. So, I suppose I could say it took me three decades to write it!



Bill Hiatt: Full-length novels typically take three to six months, depending on their length and complexity, as well as upon how many other demands on my time there are while I’m writing.



Steve Vernon: Too long. Way too freaking long.



J.P. Cawood: I wrote my first two books in a year and a half. Six months of that were full-time and the rest was while juggling a job.




Aaron Frale: It takes about six months to a year depending on my life outside of writing.


Have you written a novel? How long did it take you?

Please post in the comments.


(Other stellar novels to check out in these genres)

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25 Responses to Is Your Book Done Yet? (Part 1)

  1. J.R. Handley says:

    First two took 6 months each, though I’d love to write the 90k novels in two months! 🙂

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  2. Arpita says:

    Well, I haven’t written a novel yet (though it is on the cards). But I really enjoyed this post; also the infographic – that was a great add-on. I am wondering though – is the timeline only inclusive of the amount of time it took to write the first draft, or the final manuscript that gets published? What do you think?

    Meanwhile, merry Christmas to you and your family and happy holidays!

    P.S: To set the stage for my upcoming book on Fear, I will be hosting guest posts related to fear in January. If you’d like to contribute, please let me know here.

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  3. Most of my novels began with NaNoWriMo but took another two or so months to go from 50,000 words to 80,000. The only novel that wasn’t started during Nano took me four months to complete the rough draft and about 10 months to revise and edit.

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  4. Took me 8 weeks to write my book. I have already put over 24 weeks into editing it…

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  5. Lori says:

    Reblogged this on Lori's Lane and commented:
    If you are an author, how long does it take you to write a novel?

    While I was in Kindle Scout, I met some fantastic authors. We’ve been discussing the many facets of our writing processes. Some of our answers are shared on Joynell Schultz’s Blog today. You may even find a new favorite author in fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi. Click to read her post with a peek inside our discussion.

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  6. Lori says:

    I’m afraid my answer is not near as interesting as all of yours in this post and in the comments. 😛 Great job, Joynell.

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