Over-Ambitious Writing Goals for 2019

About a month ago, I was completely frustrated with writing.

I had 8 published books and none of them are super-sellers. Don’t get me wrong–I love writing! But when one is super excited about a new release and nobody else is, it’s kind of disheartening.

I had thought I wasn’t advertising the books right. I had tried everything from Newsletter swaps, paid newsletter advertising, AMS, Facebook Ads, Bookbub Ads, Free days, countdown days, raising the prices, lowering the prices, and (attempting) to be a social media guru…but they just never took off. The bottom line: I’m no good at marketing.

But I began to read other authors success stories and many of them weren’t advertising at all or doing the same things I was. The key, it appears, is writing a book readers want to read. Ha, so simple, huh? Another theme was rapid releasing, but we’ll get to that topic in the future.

I purchased a book, “Write to Market,” that helped me go through the current trends and come up with a few genres that appear to be hot…or at least hotter than pregnant fairy godmothers and clones. I came up with a handful of ideas, but didn’t know which way to go next.

So, I threw my ideas at my mailing list subscribers and asked for their input. After all, they’re my biggest fans.

And now, I went from completely frustrated about what to do next, to super excited with the ideas I have for 2019.

So excited that I want to write more books than I think is possible!

But it doesn’t matter. I prefer to set stretch goals. Reach for the stars and be happy when you land on Saturn.

2019 Writing Calendar_ Stretch Goals or Impossible Dream_

So…my plan for 2019 is to write four new series! (I know, you’re going to think I’m crazy! Especially since I’m not a full-time writer and help manage our family zoo (literal zoo with wolves, bears, and other critters.) Note: our zoo is closed for the season from January through April. My responsibilities there decrease tremendously, so this gives me lots of time to write.

The series I’m most excited to write are first in the year, so if things get pushed back or my attention turns to something else, I’ve (hopefully) gotten to my favorite stories.

January: Write a YA Witch Trilogy (Yes, a trilogy in a month! I am crazy! Watch for my blog about this in January. Just a note: I’ve been writing using springs. I do five 25 minute sprints per day and write 5000 words…so a trilogy of 50k books would take me 30 days if I wrote every day. It’s not so out of reach.)

February: Edit & write a Sci-Fi Alien Apocalyptic Adventure Novella for a box set I’m in. Go on vacation! 🙂

March: Write a new Sci-Fi Alien Apocalyptic Adventure Trilogy. (Yeah, CRAZY! Another trilogy in a month.)

April-May: Write a novella and three books in a new Paranormal/Witch Cozy Mystery series.

June-September: Write 3-4 books in a new Futuristic Time Travel Romance series.

October-December: Write 3 books in a new Paranormal/Alien Cozy Mystery series.

Yeah, I’m a bit heavy on the sci-fi this year, so the end of the year may change, but knowing where I’m heading helps me plot things out in my spare time and keep me excited about what 2019 will bring!

Side note: In 2019 I plan on doing more blogging. I have some good topics I can’t wait to share.

Have you planned 2019 yet? Please share what your major goal is. I’d love to hear!


  1. You go girl! My goals are a lot less ambitious. Sell my sweet romance already out for queries and get the other one out by February. Finish my three historical fictions. Just finish them; I’ll worry about getting them published in the next new year. And finally, rights to my first published novel revert to me in mid-year. Self-publish that along with the Christmas prequel I wrote to go with it by November. You know. It feels doable once I write it down. Have a happy and productive 2019.

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  2. I am still trying to finish two books started but not finished. After Nanowrimo one of them is much closer. The other doesn’t need so many words to complete it. I can do this if I work effectively. I think my goal so far for 2019 is to get these to a publishableble stage. One of the books could be the start of a series.

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    1. Congrats on having two books almost to completion! The first few are the hardest. I struggled with my Superhero Wives book, almost giving up on it because I couldn’t quite pull everything together. I put it aside for months then relooked at it, realizing I didn’t have a strong enough antagonist. I can’t wit to see you finish both of them in 2019!

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