September Book Sale!

I’m having a 99 cent sale on many of my ebooks for September. This is a great opportunity to fill any gaps you have in your library or test out a new series.
On Sale for $0.99
Links to books:
—– 99 Cent Sale —–
Rogue Skies (featuring Connecting):
The Superhero’s Husband:
Broken & Burnt:
Fangs & Fairy Dust:
Dragons are a Girl’s Best Friend:
—– Other Sales —–
Angels of Sojourn NOVEL Box Set ($4.99 pre-order special, normally $9.99):
Angels of Sojourn NOVELLA Box Set ($2.99 sale, normally $7.99):
Love Lies & Clones ($2.99 sale, normally $3.99):
The Secret Lives of Superhero Wives ($2.99 sale, normally $3.99):
Flame & Fortune ($1.99 sale, normally $2.99):
Please let me know if you picked any books up. If there’s interest, I’ll hold more of these sales in the future.


  1. Thanks for running this sale. It has helped fill in”(the gaps”. I purchased Trapped, The Superhero’s Husband & The Angels of Sojourn Box Set. I have everything else.


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