September Book Sale!

I’m having a 99 cent sale on many of my ebooks for September. This is a great opportunity to fill any gaps you have in your library or test out a new series.
On Sale for $0.99
Links to books:
—– 99 Cent Sale —–
Rogue Skies (featuring Connecting):
The Superhero’s Husband:
Broken & Burnt:
Fangs & Fairy Dust:
Dragons are a Girl’s Best Friend:
—– Other Sales —–
Angels of Sojourn NOVEL Box Set ($4.99 pre-order special, normally $9.99):
Angels of Sojourn NOVELLA Box Set ($2.99 sale, normally $7.99):
Love Lies & Clones ($2.99 sale, normally $3.99):
The Secret Lives of Superhero Wives ($2.99 sale, normally $3.99):
Flame & Fortune ($1.99 sale, normally $2.99):
Please let me know if you picked any books up. If there’s interest, I’ll hold more of these sales in the future.

2 thoughts on “September Book Sale!

  1. Thanks for running this sale. It has helped fill in”(the gaps”. I purchased Trapped, The Superhero’s Husband & The Angels of Sojourn Box Set. I have everything else.


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