Note: All books are available on Amazon. If you don’t read via kindle or the kindle app, I’d be happy to get you a copy of any of my books in an epub or pdf format. Click here for instructions.


Sweet Little Sci-Fi or Holiday Romances

Built for a Billionaire will be released November 4th. Sign up for the Author’s Newsletter for notification of its release. Hitched on Halloween will complete this series once released in August/September 2020.

Built for a Billionaire Final Title Created for Christmas blonde Verified by Valentines LQ

Earth’s Only Hope 

Find out more about this series HERE.

  Connecting HQ Departing HQ Surviving LQ Returning HQ

The Quarter Witch Chronicles 

Click HERE to learn more about this series.

Series is complete, but watch for a spin off in Spring 2020 featuring Greyson.

Dragon BF LQ WhileTheDragon GoodDragon

Angels of Sojourn

Click HERE to learn about the entire series, including the two boxed sets that include all stories, including the bonus content.

Full-length Novels

BHW LQ Cover Fur & Feathers Final Cover LQ 1 (1) AOS Novels Covers

Novellas & Short Stories

Bitten is available for free to newsletter subscribers. Please sign up here. Otherwise, Bitten can be found in the Angels of Sojourn Novella Box Set.

ss1 (6) 1 (3) Flame & Fortune LQ

One Possible Future LQ Bitten LQ New Angels of Sojourn Novella box set cover

Tales of the Fairy Godmothers 

Another book in this series is due out in 2020. (Teaser: It’s about a fairy godFATHER.)

Find out more on the series page HERE.

Hidden LQ Trapped New Cover Final The Fairy Flu LQ

The Superhero Wives – Full-Length Novel & Novella

(Click any cover to be taken to where you can get the story, otherwise, click HERE to learn about the entire series.)

Series is not complete a third installment of the main series is due out in 2020.

SHW Cover LQ Superhero's Husband Final Cover

The Superhero Wives – Free Short Stories

Stelllar Life LQ Supernatural Wife LQ Four Calling Byrds LQ

Near-Future Clones

A sequel to Love, Lies & Clones is plotted, but will only be written if there is demand.

27393374_10204144060438379_321186753_o Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Blood &

Paranormal Bed & Breakfast Mysteries 

(Magically Poisoned is currently out of print, and Magically Murdered is not yet released. Both will be published spring 2020. Sign up for the Author’s Newsletter to be notified of release dates of the Paranormal Bed & Breakfast Mysteries series that will contain at least 4 books.)

Magically Poisoned magically murdered new

Other Stories…

(Both of the below books are exclusive to my mailing list subscribers. To get them free, please subscribe to my “Hidden Worlds” newsletter HERE.)

Enchanted Apothecary LQ Mail Order Witch Cover LQ

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