Angels of Sojourn Series

Angels of Sojourn

This series has a special place in my heart, as I lived with Ava & Fin in my mind for over ten years before writing Blood & Holy Water. I’m so happy to share their story with you, along with the other stories that grew out of their world.

Each story stands alone, but if I HAD to pick a reading order for the ENTIRE series, it’d be:

That’s the end of the series, but I’m not opposed to writing more if there is demand. All you have to do to see more is send me an email, Facebook message, or leave a nice review. If enough people show interest, I’ll write another three-book trilogy in this series or at least a medley of what the couples are doing now.


Blood & Holy Water (Fin & Ava’s Story) — Angels of Sojourn, Book One

BHW LQ CoverAva is sick of mundane angel duties, and she wants a promotion to finally earn her wings. A promotion takes more than hard work; it takes a miracle—literally. Unfortunately, her miracle’s impossible, because it involves a vampire.

Fin has no time for frivolous gestures. He’s too busy avoiding his own kind to care what a naïve angel wants. But when the other vampires uncover his deepest secret, threatening what he cherishes most, nothing can help him…except a miracle. Too bad he chased the angel away.


Fur & Feathers (Simon & Katrina’s Story) – Angels of Sojourn, Book Two – Grab on Amazon HERE.

Fur & Feathers Final Cover LQ

Katrina Hartley is determined to protect her five-year-old werewolf son, but when the boy’s accused of a gruesome attack during the recent full moon, Katrina must clear her son’s name…only she’s not sure where the child was during the full moon. When one clue after another points towards her son, she never expected the help of a fallen angel.

After recently falling, angel Simon Parker searches for his long-lost family and his place in the human world, all the while trying to forget about the woman he loved for nearly 100 years. When a desperate mother crosses his path, he can’t help but wanting to feel useful again…even if she doesn’t want his help.

Souls & Shadows (Lily & Aron’s Story) – Angels of Sojourn, Book Three. Grab on Amazon HERE.

1 (1)

She’s far from normal…
But being raised by a vampire will do that to a girl.

He’s just like us…
Only he claims souls and escorts them to the Underground.

Lily lives a perfectly normal life: working as a second grade teacher with a handful of failed dating attempts, and a father who’s recently remarried. Oh, and she has an in-depth knowledge of the supernatural world. That’ll happen when your dad’s a vampire and step-mother’s an angel. 

When Evergreen Park calls her in a way that’s far from normal—supernatural even—she fights it, trying to keep her human roots, but its call is driving her nuts.

Armed with willpower of steel, she can’t stay away…even when she finds a dead body next to the swing set. 

Aron, the Angel of Death, has been watching Lily from afar. There’s something about her that brings warmth to his heart, but their worlds are too different for anything more than his admiration of this human. When he goes to Evergreen Park to claim a murder victim’s soul, and finds Lily leaning over the dead body, he struggles to keep his distance.

But when Lily looks up at him with her sweet, teary eyes, he can’t help but step into her world and officially introduce himself.

Only Lily knew the soul he came to claim and there is a clear connection between her and the victim…a connection that puts Lily’s life at risk. Even being the Angel of Death, Aron can’t allow this beautiful woman’s perfectly normal life to end.


Fangs & Fairy Dust (Ryker & Aliza’s Story) — A spin-off novella (Note: This novella is available individually HERE or you can grab it in the Box Set HERE.)

ss1 (6)Why is she alive?

Eleven murders, all connected by severe loss of blood. Each of the victims is male…and dead, except for a stunning young woman named Aliza.

Is she a victim or the perpetrator? 

Ryker’s trip to Dubuque should be quick and painless—swiftly laying down vampire law before the humans get suspicious. When Aliza reminds him of what it’s like to be human and the love he lost right here in this city eighty years ago, feelings he had locked tightly away begin to emerge. Feelings of betrayal, guilt, and love that haunted him for nearly a century.

But can he overcome his past to see the present?
How is Aliza connected to the crimes he came to prevent? 

This is a stand-alone spin-off to the Angels of Sojourn Series. It can be read alone or as book 1.25 in the series.

One Possible Future – Angels of Sojourn, Short Story – Available for FREE here to Newsletter Subscribers – This is a complete stand alone story and can be read in any order with the series.

One Possible Future LQ

Jocelyn has learned not to ignore a vision. Eight years ago, her disregard of a premonition cost her fiancé’s life.

Now, her visions bring her to a fallen angel who is in desperate need of help after losing his wings. The problem: he doesn’t want assistance.

Unwilling to carry any more guilt, Jocelyn insists on helping him, even if it puts her own life in jeopardy.



Bitten (Katrina’s story) Available free to newsletter subscribers HERE or available in the Angels of Sojourn Novella Box Set HERE.

Quick Escape NEW

How far will a mother go to protect her son after he’s bitten by a werewolf? This story is a prequel to Fur & Feathers and can be read alone or as book 1.75 in the series.

Also in this collection are two additional stories:

  • The Fairy Flu
  • The Enchanted Apothecary





Broken & Burnt – Angels of Sojourn Novella – Grab on Amazon here. This is a complete stand-alone story and can be read in any order with the series. Also available in this box set.

1 (3)

Fallen Angel, Bree, is far from perfect. Most recently, she stole from work and broke a few Angelic Rules. On top of this, when a Highest Order Angel comes down to remove her wings, she accidentally stabs him. Any hope she had of forgiveness is far out of her reach.

Highest Order Angel, Jaxon, has a perfect record, and he’s proud of it. He loves his job upholding justice, but when a fallen angel with beautiful eyes distracts him, causing his first slip-up in over fifty years, he won’t go home until he finishes what he started. What’s even worse, the fallen angel he was sent to punish is also the compassionate one who risks everything to save his life.

Flame & Fortune – Angels of Sojourn Novella –  Grab on Amazon here. – This story stands-alone, but can be enjoyed as book 2.67 in the series. Also available in this box set.

Flame & Fortune LQ

Lena Romano is in hell. She’s been there for over twenty years and isn’t good at her job there. In fact, she was never good at much in the human world, either. When an opportunity to do a deed for the Unfortunate One arises, giving her a chance to return to Earth and earn an Eternal Flame to make her existence tolerable, she takes it–never expecting to find love.

Kieran Plugh is on a fast track to CEO status with a weakness for red-headed women. When Lena stumbles into his life, he can’t help but chase her, not knowing she’s on a mission right from the devil.


Don’t forget you can grab all three Angels of Sojourn Novellas, plus Bitten in this Box Set.

Angels of Sojourn Novella box set cover

The angels won’t save you…
…they’re too busy trying to save themselves.

They’re flawed, just like the humans they’re supposed to protect.
They search for justice, forgiveness, and even love…
…but they try to be good. They really try—just like you and me.

Immerse yourself in a world where supernatural beings walk among us. Vampires, fae, werewolves, and angels all struggle with the same sins we struggle with, only their desires are far stronger.

These are not a holier-than-thou stories.
They’re simply tales that will restore your faith in humankind.
And bring you a little warmth from the power of loyalty, acceptance, and love.

This box set contains the following stand-alone spin-offs to the main Angels of Sojourn Series. All these stories feature a different couple and can be read alone or enjoyed with the main series.
Fangs & Fairy Dust
Broken & Burnt
Flame & Fortune
Bitten (Bonus Prequel to Fur & Feathers)This set contains the following six stories, including three from the Angels of Sojourn World.


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