Angels of Sojourn Series

angels of sojourn final

This series has a special place in my heart, as I lived with Ava & Fin in my mind for over ten years before writing Blood & Holy Water. I’m so happy to share their story with you, along with the other stories that grew out of their world.

Here’s the reading order of the series.

Blood & Holy Water (Fin & Ava’s Story) — Angels of Sojourn, Book One

BHW LQ CoverAva is sick of mundane angel duties, and she wants a promotion to finally earn her wings. A promotion takes more than hard work; it takes a miracle—literally. Unfortunately, her miracle’s impossible, because it involves a vampire.

Fin has no time for frivolous gestures. He’s too busy avoiding his own kind to care what a naïve angel wants. But when the other vampires uncover his deepest secret, threatening what he cherishes most, nothing can help him…except a miracle. Too bad he chased the angel away.


Fangs & Fairy Dust (Ryker & Aliza’s Story) — A spin-off novella – Available in the Darklight & Daydreams anthology until May 1st, 2018 or you can preorder the stand-alone on Amazon HERE (Releasing May 21, 2018.)

ss1 (6)24831388_388874034907329_8141136444480153350_oAfter more than eighty years, Ryker finds himself back in Dubuque, hunting down a rogue vampire once again…only this time, the vampire didn’t break his heart.

Aliza is just a normal human trying to say good-bye to the past, but after a brutal attack, she never expected her good-bye to be the beginning of an unimaginable future.

Bitten (Katrina’s story) Available free to newsletter subscribers HERE.

Quick Escape 3D

How far will a mother go to protect her son after he’s bitten by a werewolf? This story is a prequel to Fur & Feathers.

Also in this collection are two additional stories:

  • The Fairy Flu
  • The Enchanted Apothecary





Fur & Feathers (Simon & Katrina’s Story) – Angels of Sojourn, Book Two – Coming Spring 2018

Fur & Feathers LQ

Katrina Hartley is determined to protect her five-year-old werewolf son, but when the boy’s accused of a gruesome attack during the recent full moon, Katrina must clear her son’s name…only she’s not sure where the child was during the full moon. When one clue after another points towards her son, she never expected the help of a fallen angel.

After recently falling, angel Simon Parker searches for his long-lost family and his place in the human world, all the while trying to forget about the woman he loved for nearly 100 years. When a desperate mother crosses his path, he can’t help but wanting to feel useful again…even if she doesn’t want his help.

Lily & The Angel of Death’s Story – Angels of Sojourn, Book Three – Coming Fall/Winter 2018

Copy of Copy of Blood &

Book description coming soon

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