Sneak Peeks

Copy of Copy of Blood &

For a sneak peek of Fur & Feathers: Angels of Sojourn Book 2 Click HERE.

Katrina Hartley is determined to protect her five-year-old werewolf son, but when the boy’s accused of a gruesome attack during the recent full moon, Katrina must clear her son’s name…only she’s not sure where the child was during the full moon. When one clue after another points towards her son, she never expected the help of a fallen angel.

After recently falling, angel Simon Parker searches for his long-lost family and his place in the human world, all the while trying to forget about the woman he loved for nearly 100 years. When a desperate mother crosses his path, he can’t help but wanting to feel useful again…even if she doesn’t want his help.

Hidden Cover

For a sneak peek of Hidden: A Pregnant Fairy Godmother’s Journey… Click HERE.

(Or you can find it on amazon HERE.)






Or, you can enjoy a sample of my other published novels below:

2 thoughts on “Sneak Peeks

  1. I’m told that I’m already signed up, but I’m unable to find any of your books in my Kindle. I enjoyed your little snack of Blood & Holy Water, and would like to read it.

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