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You chose to continue to hear from me. I’m so happy you subscribed to my Newsletter!

While you’re here, I have a little game for you to play. If you perform 5 out of the 10 tasks below, I’ll give you one of my full-length novellas for FREE!

You’ll get a choice of ANY one of the following:

  • Fangs & Fairy Dust
  • Flame & Fortune
  • Broken & Burnt
  • Hidden
  • Trapped
  • Built for a Billionaire
  • Created for Christmas
  • Validated by Valentine’s
  • The Superhero’s Husband


This is an offer that can only be found here and can only be redeemed once (but don’t worry if you don’t have time now, I’ll offer it to you more than once.)



  1. Like my Facebook page.
  2. Comment on one of my Facebook posts, write on my wall, or leave a review on that platform.
  3. Follow me on BookBub.
  4. Recommend one of my books on BookBub.
  5. Follow me on Amazon
  6. Leave an Amazon review for one of the books you’ve read. You can find a list of the books HERE.
  7. Follow me on BookSprout.
  8. Follow me on GoodReads.
  9. Follow me on Instagram.
  10. Follow me on Twitter.

When you’re done, find the email I sent that led you here, hit “Reply” and let me know…Also, comment on this post so I know when you’re done.

*** You must email me for me to be able to send you the link. I don’t see email address when you comment on this page. ***

  1. Which of the above tasks you did. (Just give me the numbers.)
  2. Which of my above Novellas you’d like.

That easy.





    1. I did 5. Recommended you on Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub. I also liked your page and comment on a post and left a nice review on facebook. I also left a review on Amazon. I will email this info to yo as well.
      Lisa Hanika (aka Granny Brambles on Amazon and Goodreads)


  1. I finished all but #6 need to read something else before I leave a review on Amazon. I would like Trapped Thank you


  2. Finished up 3,5,7,8,9,10 and would love to read Magical Connections. Thank you for the amazing gifts in your giveaway and newsletter!


  3. These are the tasks I have completed. 1,2,3,5,8,and 10. Fangs and Fairy Dust, Flame and Fortune, Trapped or Validated by Valentines I will let you pick. I thank you for the fre books.


  4. I have completed all 10 tasks. I would love a copy of Flame & Fortune to go with the rest of the series. Thank you!


    1. I did tasks 1,2,3,5 & 10 ……I would love to have “Broken & Burnt”……the cover looks amazing …..thank you so much !!!


  5. Oops sorry! I finished up some of the tasks. Then got distracted by my husbands game lol. I guess I hit reply instead of comment… Anyway I hope I did it right this time! Emailed ya back too.


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