Publications & Freebies

April 2017

Blood & Holy Water FINAL“Blood & Holy Water” A novel where vampires aren’t perfect, but neither are angels.

Available on Amazon here: Blood & Holy Water (Kindle and Print editions)

Ava is sick of mundane angel duties, and she wants a promotion to finally earn her wings. A promotion takes more than hard work; it takes a miracle—literally. Unfortunately, her miracle’s impossible, because it involves a vampire.

Fin has no time for frivolous gestures. He’s too busy avoiding his own kind to care what a naïve angel wants. But when the other vampires uncover his deepest secret, threatening what he cherishes most, nothing can help him…except a miracle. Too bad he chased the angel away.


January 2017

cover_image“Quick Escape: Fantasy Tales” is a free giveaway as a thank you for signing up for my mailing list. You can sign up HERE.

Enjoy a taste of another world with these three fantasy short stories.

Bitten: A desperate mother struggles to protect her son.

The Fairy Flu: A sick fairy confronts a childhood rival who threatens the kingdom.

The Enchanted Apothecary: A grieving shopkeeper becomes suspicious of a mysterious man who keeps visiting her apothecary shop.

December 2016

llc low“Love, Lies & Clones” A novel about a clone’s desperate search for the truth.

Available on Amazon here: Love, Lies & Clones (Kindle and Print editions)

June’s deadly secret is she’s a clone, and if she tells anyone about her father’s involvement, he’ll face the death penalty. After his suspicious disappearance, the police have failed to find him.

During her frantic search, she’s surprised by an AWOL military man who insists her father’s the key to finding his brother. Bullets fly as they uncover more about the horrific experiments.

Can June trust someone with her secret…and her heart?

February 2016


“The Enchanted Apothecary” 2800 word short story about a grieving owner of an apothecary shop who can’t figure out why a dangerous man keeps visiting her shop and purchasing various magical items.  Aurora Wolf Literary Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy. 

Read for FREE here:

4 Responses to Publications & Freebies

  1. If you still own your rights, why not self publish it on Kindle so people can read it on their devices rather than a website?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I do own my rights, but this is just a 2500 word short story. (But maybe this would be a good start to figure out how self publishing works.) I’m finishing up with a novel now and need to seriously look into publishing to figure out what to do with it. I really don’t know much about publishing options yet. Thanks for stopping by and giving me this thought to investigate!

      Liked by 1 person

      • If you don’t think it is good enough for the $0.99 price then you could clean it up and release it as a sales magnet for your other work? Those are the free stories you release for the viewing public to find and fall in love with, hoping to draw them in to your other works! Like the drug pusher, the first hits always free! 😛

        Liked by 1 person

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