Validated by Valentine’s Deleted Chapter 31

Thank you for reading the Dream Droids series. Here is the bonus chapter to Validated by Valentine’s that was deleted before publishing the final book. Cutting a scene always makes me sad, so I’m happy to have found this way to share it with you. Learn about this entire series HERE.

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Chapter 31…or the Epilogue to Validated by Valentine’s and the Prologue to Hitched on Halloween.

February 15th: The Morning After…

I turned over in bed, Ethan’s arm was wrapped tightly around my body. I felt…wonderful, except for the ringing of my phone.

It was Ivy.

“Hey Sis,” I croaked out.

“Were you sleeping? I’m sorry,” Ivy said. “I just figured the baker would be up by eight.”

“I thought I’d sleep in and enjoy being unemployed for a few days.” I sat up, pulling the sheet tightly to my bare body.

“Did you and Ethan talk more about our idea?”

“Of buying the bakery? Yeah, he told me.”

Ivy pulled out her responsible sister voice. “Before you argue, I want to tell you why this would be a great partnership.”

“I’m not going to argue. I think it’s a fantastic idea.”

“Whoa. Is this the same Ivory I grew up with? Has Ethan changed you this much? If I would have known…”

“Stop it. How was your Valentine’s Day?” I was changing the subject. We could work out the details of the bakery when I woke up a little more.

“That’s another reason why I’m calling,” Ivy said. “I have some big news I wanted to share.” Her voice was filled with an excitement I hadn’t heard since childhood.

“What’s that?” I looked to Ethan who was twirling one of my blond curls around his finger.

“Remember our childhood dream?” She asked.

“Of having a treehouse castle?”

“No. Not that one. Of the triple wedding for us triplets? You, me, and Iris?”

“Yeah, what about it?”

“Well, Iris is getting married to Max.”

“And she hasn’t set a date yet, has she?” I asked.

“No, not yet…but…last night, Dayton proposed to me, too! That makes two of us, ready to get married.”

“He proposed?” They had only been together for a few months, but after nearly two months with Ethan, I knew that when you know you’ve met the right person, you know—especially the older you got. “I’m so happy for you!”

“We’re not getting married right away, we’re going to live together first, but Ivory, you’re missing the point. We’re ready for a double wedding. We just need one more sister to get on board to make it a triple wedding.”

I looked to Ethan, wanting more than anything to have that kind of future with him. “Human-humanoid weddings are not accepted by law.”

“Sure, not in the traditional sense, but that doesn’t mean you can’t commit your heart to him. Who cares if it doesn’t go down on paper, you can still have the big ceremony and the party. Who knows, someday they may accept it.”

She was wise. Always wise.

I dropped the phone to my chest, and turned to Ethan’s blue eyes, knowing he heard everything. “What do you think? Wanna get married?” I teased, not expecting his answer.

“Of course I do.”

My heart melted. That was easy. Everything with Ethan was so simple and I loved it. I lifted the phone back to my ear. “Well then, we better get planning! We have a triple triplet wedding to plan.”

Before I could put down the phone, Ethan was planting a trail of kisses down my neck, and all I could think about was how life threw all sorts of twists your way, and it was about how you opened yourself up to them that shaped your future.

Ethan was a big twist—one I would have laughed about two months ago, but now, I knew exactly where he belonged and where we were headed.

Thank you again for reading the Dream Droids series.

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