Earth’s Only Hope

The end of the world is coming…

How far would you go to save those you love?

Would you go farther to save yourself?

Copy of The Quarter Witch Chronicles

Begin the series with either Connecting (the prequel) or Departing (book 1).

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Connecting (the prequel) is available exclusively in the Rogue Skies box set.

Connecting HQBlurb:

There’s not enough peppermint schnapps to save me from what’s coming.

In less than a year, my brother and I will freeze to death, unless we starve first. Experts have created biodomes, built tunnels, and rationed food and fuel to make the end more tolerable, for a bit.

When Lon of planet Kaipra contacts me, claiming he has the key to our survival, I have to listen. He’ll help humans survive the ice age, but at the ultimate cost—I must agree to leave my brother, my friends, and the entire planet I call home to travel across the galaxy with him.

Can I trust him?

What are his plans with me?

And do I even have a choice?

You’ll keep turning the pages of this apocalyptic alien novel, because it’s filled with action, adventure, and an across-the-galaxy romance.

Departing (book 1) is now available! Grab your copy HERE.

Departing HQBlurb:

Live or die, stay or go, the choice is meant to be easy…

I can either board an alien spaceship with my fellow criminals or rot in prison on a dying Earth.

The spacecraft’s captain, a handsome alien who looks remarkably human, has been visiting me in my dreams for over a year. He has given me the companionship I need during my time locked up in solitary confinement and the way he holds me in the dark makes me forget the Earth is on the brink of extinction.

In the midst of another ice age, humanity will be wiped out soon, but the alien spacecraft gives hundreds of us another option. If I get on that ship, I have a chance at surviving.

And I’m a survivor.

Only a deadly disease is spreading among the aliens and has already wiped out three-quarters of their population. It appears to be a virus, but as the aliens continue dying despite all precautions, I begin to wonder if the disease is something else.

How do I keep the man I’ve fallen in love with safe?
And if he dies, along with the rest of his alien race, how will us humans manage a ship filled with unknown technology?

But if the disease also wipes out the humans on board, none of this will even matter.

Read this romantic apocalyptic alien adventure today!

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Surviving LQ


Humans only have months left on Earth.
We have left our salvation to an alien ship filled with criminals, like me.

When our ship lands on the unknown planet of Noetov, who better than criminals to fight for whatever it takes to save our species.

With the man I have been (literally) dreaming about for over a year at my side, I know I can accomplish anything.

But the man I love is also the inhabitants of Noetov’s life-long enemy. When he’s captured, I know I’ll do anything to save him…even if it sacrifices the salvation of Earth.

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Returning HQ

ROUGH Blurb:

Earth is dying, but I have the key to it’s survival.

Time is ticking, with only three months left on Earth, and I must cross galaxies to return home, only there are a lot of unknowns in the universe…

Like meteor showers.

Unknown wormholes.

And, of course, space pirates.

Can we get back before my entire species freezes to death?