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Quick Escape: Fantasy Tales Enjoy a taste of another world with these three fantasy short stories. Bitten: A desperate mother struggles to protect her son. (For those of you who’ve ready Blood & Holy Water, Bitten is a prequel to the next story in the journey.) The Fairy Flu: A sick fairy confronts a childhood rival who threatens the kingdom.  The Enchanted Apothecary: A grieving shopkeeper becomes suspicious of a mysterious man who keeps visiting her apothecary shop. (Enjoyable read for anyone.  Click HERE to grab your free copy.
Subject 23 (Love, Lies & Clones PREQUEL)  This is best enjoyed AFTER reading Love, Lies & Clones due to spoilers. Alice Taylor poured her heart into the advancement of science. It wasn’t until she connected with a surrogate mother, Subject 23, did she begin questioning what path science was taking her down. Click HERE to grab your free copy.
The Stellar Life of a Superhero Wife Devora and Derek’s marriage is like any other…only this husband gallivants around saving people as Silver Comet.
Well, Devora saves people too, if only Derek would realize.  Grab a taste of the Superhero Wife World with a quick adventure. Click HERE to get your free copy.

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