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  1. I have to say, after reading your story in “Witch or Treat”, I think I found another favorite author. I have never considered the stories in that book my genre, until now. I have gotten so much enjoyment from them and I thank you so much for your talent which will give me many hours of enjoyment.

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  4. I loved the Pregnant Purple Fairy. It was a sweet little love story with a perfectly happy ending. Thanks, I’m looking forward to reading your Freebies!
    Sunny Bigby

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  5. I haven’t read any of your books yet but, I am looking forward to starting them soon. I was wondering more about your zoo. Is it large or small ?? My husband and I love animals, and are thinking about making a move to Helen, GA where we can pick up some property and start helping rescued animals. We were thinking about starting a small family run zoo to bring in a little cash and showcase these beautiful creatures for everyone’s enjoyment. Can you tell me a little more about yours ?? Do you have any suggestions on getting started ??
    Thank you so much for your time and for writing books that all can enjoy !!


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    • Hi Terri, You can see more about our zoo here: http://www.shalomwildlife.com It’s 100 acres with about 3-4 miles of trails. We started out 30 years ago with just deer and slowly grew into a zoo. My advice: start with a few animals you love and slowly grow. Feel free to email me at joynells @ gmail.com and I can answer more specific questions.


  6. Hope i get to check out your writing style soon, life has been so crazy i’m having reading withdrawals, LOL. Seriously, i used to walk around with a paper back book doing various things! I hope i like your books, if the covers are any indication then i’m sure i will.
    Have a Fantastic Day!!!!


  7. Just finished Blood and Holy water.
    Wow , it was great. It was very different from angel stories I generally read, however I found it appealing and sweet.
    I liked how it ended ,but it would be nice if a story of Fin and Ava could maybe emerge. Thank you for your writing of this book, Joynell



  8. I just now finished reading Mail Order Witch, I found it refreshingly ,sweet ,adorable and wanting to know so much more of what was to come to their future. Well done. Kat

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