About Me (and my Owner, Joynell Schultz, too)

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Hi, I’m Checkers. I’m that gorgeous Great Dane besides that crazy lady who thinks she’s an author. In reality, she’s a veterinary pharmacist who manages the family zoo and likes to dabble in creating new worlds while writing speculative fiction.

When I want to go for a walk, she’s always stuck behind her computer blogging about her writing journey, planning her next vacation (which means I get to go to a kennel and play with dogs much smaller than me), or reading another indie author’s story. Lucky for me, the house also has two kids and my owner’s husband to keep me busy.

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PLEASE ASK MY OWNER QUESTIONS THROUGH COMMENTS. I’ll try to round her up to answer them.

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  1. A great blog. I look forward to hearing more about your hikes, pets and life in Wisconsin (which must be an amazing place to live). I have fond memories of New England, Florida and the folks in both. Our nation’s bonds are wider than an ocean. Enjoy your writing.

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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my page! Wisconsin is lovely 3 months of the year… The rest of the time it’s a little nasty — but I think you have similar weather.


  2. Thank for the follow on my blog. I look forward to following your blog as I am sure I will either learn a lot vicariously or at least have some moral support. I have my first novel I’m looking to publish and don’t myself know where yet to go with it.

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      1. I understand the struggle. There is so much info out there on publishing, but really, there isn’t. I’m floundering just trying to get a basic understanding of the business. Right now, the novel is getting passed around to friends and family for feedback, I will do yet ANOTHER revision/edit and then I am going to send it to small publishers to see if someone will publish. Unless, a better idea comes up in the meantime. Best of luck to us both!!

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