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I write a variety of stories that fall under the paranormal fantasy, mystery, and science fiction umbrella.

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Paranormal b&b series

My newest series! Releasing this spring/summer.

  • Magically Poisoned: Released February 24th for 99 cents.
  • Magically Murdered: Pre-order now for a June 8th release.
  • Magically Attacked: Releasing June 15th.
  • Magically Missing: Releasing August 2020.

If this series takes off, I’m happy to continue it until interest weans. Learn more here.

Latest Releases

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Dragons and Mages is a Limited Edition Anthology that features my newest book in the Quarter Witch Chronicles series, titled, The Dragon You Know. This is a spin-off of the main series and features Greyson (who you meet in A Good Dragon is Hard to Find, book 3 of the Quarter Witch Chronicles.)

This anthology released on April 1st. You can grab your copy HERE until July 1st.

Note: You don’t have to have read The Quarter Witch Chronicles to enjoy this novel.


72547714_10157671775840917_2425016768150896640_o.jpgHidden Magic is a Limited Edition Anthology that features a continuation of The Mail-Order Witch. You can grab the Pilot Episode for FREE HERE.

This series of anthologies releases as follows.


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