My Favorite Writing Websites

A coworker asked me to send him links of my favorite writing websites… What a hard request! I love and utilize so many of them.

As I began rummaging through my electronic bookmarks, I thought I’d share the list with everyone else. This is only the highlights of the sites I frequently visit – it’s NOT all the sites I use – just the bare bones necessity. (Besides Google – I use that one the most.)

I hope you find something useful here.




  • ProWritingAid for grammar
  • Critique Partners / Beta Swaps
    • Scribophile (Join the Novel Exchange Group – they do a big exchange a few times per year that’s a quick way to have multiple people read your novel at the same time, then discuss it like a book club.)
    • Critters (Especially for sci-fi, fantasy, and horror – I have not tried their other groups for other genres)
    • Goodreads (Beta readers — you’ll need to join the beta reader group HERE )





  • InstaFreebies (to give your book away for reviews — you can advertise this on goodreads)
  • ??? I’m not here yet.  More to come



If you’re dying for more, here’s 100 best websites for writers: The Write Life


What writing sites can you not live without?

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Writer & lover of all types of speculative fiction. I'm shivering in northern Wisconsin. Learn about my novels here:
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7 Responses to My Favorite Writing Websites

  1. Mary says:

    I have to give a shout-out to Linnea Sinclair who has just given her last lesson in Conflict. SO good. Here’s her website for other online classes she teaches. (PS. I am getting no compensation for this notice. She is just wonderful.)

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  2. Awesome links, I bookmarked a few myself!! And the wife is mailing you back your beta review tomorrow!! She loved it!!


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