Author Interview- Joynell Schultz

First: Please head over to WORDSMITH WEEKLY and follow the blog. Elizabeth is doing fabulous things for the author community — having a place for publishing flash fiction and showcasing authors amongst other things.

Second: I was delighted to be asked if I’d be interested in doing an author interview. It’s my 1 minute of fame 🙂 It’s got everything you EVER wanted to know about me and everything I thought I’d NEVER have posted on the internet. 🙂 Thank you Elizabeth for giving me this opportunity!

Wordsmith Weekly

I had the pleasure this week of talking with author Joynell Schultz. Her first book, Love, Lies & Clones has been published and is available this Friday, December 16th on Amazon. I have been following her writing journey for some time now through social media and was delighted when she agreed to take the time and answer some questions about life, writing, and her new book.

Wordsmith Weekly: Joynell, Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. We talk a lot on the blog about motivation and inspiration. Can you tell us what inspires you?

Joynell Schultz: The world we live in inspires me. I’m a scientist, by nature, so I love taking what our science can do and pushing it a little further. I struggle with slowing down enough to appreciate the miracles in everyday things. It can be as simple as looking at a tree—a…

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