Cover Reveals or Cover Input?

I’m partaking in a HUGE event right now for writers and lovers of stories of suspense called Mystery Thriller Week. (Check out the giant calendar of events HERE.) Somewhere during the preparation for this event, I was asked by author Bryce Gibson if I would host a cover reveal on my blog.

Cover reveal? What’s the purpose of that?

Frantically, I went to my favorite reference (google, of course) and did a little preliminary research before I explained to Bryce that my blog is more about the writing journey…then thought that a post on what cover reveals are would be an interesting topic.

So here we are. As followers of my blog know, I’ve never done a “cover reveal” with my own novels. I always ask for input on my covers. Here were some of the graphics I’ve created in the past when I was seeking input from various social media channels:

which-cover-do-you-like-better_-1 which-catches-your-eye-first_-1

I know this way of feedback isn’t perfect, but it’s better than me picking which one I like best. (BTW-I have terrible taste.)

So…on to the point of this blog post.

What is a cover reveal? A cover reveal is a planned day, before the release of your novel, for you to give the world the first glimpse of your story.

What are the benefits of a cover reveal? As I’m learning, much of the marketing of a novel is done BEFORE release day. A cover reveal is another outlet to start pre-publishing advertising. To begin to get readers excited for your book. If you’ve read anything about marketing and advertising, a potential customer needs to see something many times before they decide to make a purchase. (Some say 7 times, other say the magic number is 20. Wow.) A cover reveal is another way to get branding and image in front of the reader.

So…on to the cover reveal I have for you today.



I don’t know about you, but this definitely makes me want to read the blurb. The Reading Buddy will be up for pre-order on Amazon in April. You can watch for it on Bryce’s Amazon Author Page or by following him on any of these social media channels.




About author-photothe Author: Bryce Gibson writes Southern fiction that takes readers to charming and oftentimes sinister areas of the The South. He has a degree in Media Arts from the University of South Carolina, works full time as a farmer, and lives in South Carolina with his wife and their dog.

Bryce is the author of the Young Adult thriller, Perennials, and the Southern mystery, Unclaimed Acre. His next book, The Reading Buddy will be available in 2017.



And finally, to answer my question in the title of this blog post: Cover Reveal or Cover Input?

Well, I think it depends on your platform. For me, I’m sharing each step of my journey, which includes me wanting to share the actual design and selection of my cover. (And the multiple failed attempts in between.) If I didn’t blog…and had a professional design team, I’d probably go with the cover reveal.

What are your thoughts?


  1. RE: book covers. I like option 2 on both.

    Gotta check out this Bryce Gibson guy. My friend Phillip Thompson writes Southern noir/mystery/thriller stuff. Maybe they know each other.

    I owe you a read of Blood and Holy Water. I’m hoping life is getting back to our version of normal down here so I can do it.

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    1. Hey! Thanks for the input on mine. I wasn’t sure on the one for Love, Lies & Clones. I’m a little afraid the black one is a little “dark” for the novel–but it has more mystery.

      Yeah, check Bryce’s stuff out. He seems like a good guy. How can you not love a farmer?

      Thank you for picking up Blood & Holy Water. If you don’t get to reading it, no problem…and no problem on the timeline either. I’m not publishing it until mid-April or so.

      It’s nice hearing from you!


  2. I’m always really happy to read these blog posts with short, to-the-point information about writing, editing and publishing. I’ve really been learning a lot (I’ve been a silent reader for a year or so). I hope you keep up your writing and taking us along on the journey. Good luck!

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  3. Interesting! Since I’m researching different things for publishing this year, February’s research is on cover-making, and so this adds to my research–yay! I would love to make my own covers…I’ll have to keep practicing, though. A question about this…I know you’re not an expert, but do you know when it is a good time to begin the cover reveal before publication? (a month, two months, etc.?) Thanks!

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    1. I’m no way an expert, but Bryce is doing it six months early. I believe he was hoping to have the book on pre-order on Amazon at the same time, but they only allow pre-order 3 months early. My thoughts are 3 months would be good so you could start capturing pre-orders if you go that way. I did a little google search and couldn’t find the answer.


  4. good job on the cover reveal story. I was recently introduced to the concept myself and thought a great topic for my blog as well, but you covered it very nicely. I’ve commented on your cover before (loved it), but this one that you are doing the reveal for is a contradiction–how is the picture a complement to the title?

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    1. Thanks for the positive words on this post and my covers! I’m learning so much as to this whole publishing thing, it’s truly a complicated business. I know the experts say that your cover photo should compliment your title, but in Bryce’s cover here, I think the contradiction between the title “The Reading Buddy” and the photo of the person with the ax makes me really want to read the blurb. It’s the opposite of what is recommended…but, for me, it works. My mind thinks…”How can a guy with an ax be your reading buddy?” Kinda clever.


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