1000 True Fans – Mission 2: Social Media


It’s week two of my quest to achieve 1000 true fans in 2017. My week one post can be found HERE.

Review of Past Week: Failed!

In my quest to achieve 1000 true fans, I was supposed to go out and ask 20 people if they wanted to follow my journey and stay updated with my writing. I was nervous, my palms were sweaty, and it took me most the week to work up the courage to ask somebody. I finally did it and the reply I got was, “You can do whatever you like.” With no enthusiasm. It popped my balloon, burst my bubble, poured water on my fire, I could go on. Well, I did muster up the strength to ask a few people plus help from my last blog post and…

Drum Roll….Ready?

Current Subscriptions: 11 fans / 1000 true fans (I’m up 5 people. Yay! That’s actually a win for me—nearly doubling my subscriptions.)


This Weeks Mission: This week should be easy, at least it is for me. I will ask my Facebook, twitter, Linked-In, Instagram, blog followers, etc. to join my mailing list. It’s that easy. (Remember, these first 30 days, I’m following the program outlined in Self-Publishing 101’s Webinar: “30 Days to 100 Fans: Mailing Lists 101”)

Another mission this week to prepare for next week is to find SOMETHING I can give away free to subscribers. A short story, novella, novel, first few chapters of a current novel, self-help guide, anything. I’ll be digging through my files and editing.

Learn More: Here are two blogs to peek at if you’re interested in learning more about this concept.

Okay, here’s that plug you knew was coming. NO PRESSURE, but if you enjoy my blog (or my writing) please consider signing up for my mailing list HERE.

Are you following this program with me? How did last week go for you?


  1. Hey, I was going to suggest a couple of folks for you to follow in your quest to grow as a writer and grow your audience. Jeff Grohl and Jerry Jenkins. They’ve got solid advice and the numbers to back it up. Another is Micheal Hyatt.


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