Created for Christmas – A Blog Serial Novella

For something different, I wanted to share a novella I’m writing with you…posted to this blog in parts as a serial. The entire story will be available here, on my blog, over the next month or so, so make sure you stop back frequently! I’ll be updating it a few times per week. I’ll be taking it down mid-November to publish on Amazon.

Here’s the blurb:

Ivy wanted nothing more for Christmas than to have someone to come home to…to have a companion to chat about her day with…and someone to show off at her family holiday celebrations.

Well, this Christmas, she’s not going to be alone! She decided to create her perfect companion at Dream Droids, the premier robotics company specializing in sentiment humanoids. Irma spends weeks with Dr. Pierce, creating her dream man, from his appearance, personality, and even his knowledge of her life.

There’s just one problem: When a special gift she purchased for her father goes missing, and Dr. Pierce agrees to help her find it, she finds herself falling for him. After getting heart stomped on by her ex-fiance, there’s no way she can open it up again…besides, she just created the perfect man.

I know, it’s too early for Christmas, but I had to get started to meet deadlines. Begin reading Chapter 1 HERE. (Or, for Wattpad users, you can follow along HERE.)

A Serial Novella (1)


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