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Sneak Peek of “Hidden: A Pregnant Fairy Godmother’s Journey…”

I’ve been polishing up my first novella, Hidden: A Pregnant Fairy Godmother’s Journey… and I wanted to share it with you. This is part of a multi-author project where everyone writes a story titled, “Hidden.” The stories can be any length … Continue reading

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Participating in an Anthology

Recently, I’ve participated in my first anthology. From a marketing perspective, I’m so excited about this project! I’ll tell you more about that further down in this blog post. First off, I want to tell you about this anthology. It’s … Continue reading

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The Secret Lives of Superhero Wives by Joynell Schultz REVIEW

Originally posted on Belle's Bookish Reviews:
First, let me state the fact that I absolutely LOVE superheroes. When I first jumped into this ARC–I downloaded and began reading it today–I was not expecting the different view points, the plot,…

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Where have I been?

Has anyone noticed I’ve been MIA? No, I haven’t given up. Actually, I can’t wait to post my next 1000 True Fans post, as my mailing list is now over 10,000 subscribers…BUT my time has been limited. Why? Oh, let … Continue reading

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Do You Give Your Book Away?

My writing goal has always been to get people to read my books. Pretty simple, eh? Those of you who’ve been following my journey (or are published authors yourself) know it isn’t that easy. One of the things I’ve been … Continue reading

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Are Physical Books Obsolete?

Stop! Don’t hate me for asking that questions. Hear me out. I’m a bit of a minimalist and read almost exclusively in ebook format. This year, while doing some spring cleaning, I donated a heap of physical books to charity. … Continue reading

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Camp NaNo – My First Sequel

July’s Camp NaNoWriMo is coming up, and I’m excited to start my first sequel! I published Blood & Holy Water back in April, and since then, readers have been asking for a sequel…so…here we go! I have a tentative cover … Continue reading

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