I’m excited to announce my newest publication, finished in time for Christmas! (Yay!)

This is the first book I’ve written with another author, and I’m so happy I’ve had that experience. It resulted in a book quite different than anything I’d ever dream up. Having two creative minds really makes plotting easy.

A Christmas Witch is a second chance paranormal romance. I’d sum it up, but this review dose a much better job.

“TWO SCROOGES: A sweet romance that resonates. This one takes two people trying to emulate Ebeneezer Scrooge through their personal versions of the visions of Christmas Past, Christmas Present and Christmas Future before bringing them together in a second chance for happiness. Loved it!”

Keep scrolling down for an excerpt…

A witchy ex-girlfriend, Christmas curse, fat black cat, and Granny's ghost. Need we say more_ Dive into this second chance holiday romance today!


All Noah wants for Christmas is to stay alive.

Not spending another year in fear of his grandmother’s curse. He’s ready to move on with his life, marry his perfect girlfriend, and not die!

Avery has spent years avoiding the ghosts of her past. Both the dead ones stuck between this world and the next. And the very much alive one who ripped her heart out when he left years ago without a word.

Now Noah Hamilton has the nerve to show up on her doorstep, claiming he knows she’s a witch and needs her magic to help lift a curse threatening to claim his life on Christmas.

She wants nothing to do with him. He needs a bit of Christmas magic. Neither of them want a second chance. Or do they?

You’ll love this second chance holiday romance filled with magic, love, and a big, fat black cat named Onyx!


Excerpt from Chapter 3 (Book available here)


There was one person Avery didn’t want to see, and he currently stood in the hallway of her apartment complex. After eight years, Noah had finally come to find her.

“I’ll come with you to Mystic Meadows.”

“Go take care of your father, and I’ll meet you there.”

“I need one more month in New York.”

All bullshit.

Eventually, his calls had stopped. His promises had been nothing more than empty words.

Avery fought the urge to slam the door on his emotionless face, but instead, she folded her arms over her paint smock. “What the hell are you doing here?” She set her jaw and glared at him. After all these years, he could at least give her an explanation. After promises of everlasting love and a future together, he owed her at least that much.

“Wow, you are not happy to see me.”

“I would have been happy to see you if you showed up eight years ago.”

Noah didn’t react to her wicked tongue. He was all business. Didn’t seeing her again cause his stomach to twist and heart to flutter, too?

“Can I come in?”

Would it be rude to say no? And if she let him in, would this be one step closer to having her heart crushed once more? One of her father’s many quotes was, Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Before she could contemplate what she would do, a chill shot up her body, causing the hair on the back of her neck to stand on end and her muscles to tense. She swore Noah rubbed his arms, too, but that was impossible. Probably just from the cold outside. Avery suppressed the ghosts the majority of the time with one breaking through her shield only a few times over the past few years, but in the past week, she’d been haunted by two. Was this a sign that her charms and herbs were no longer working? Noah needed get his promise-breaking ass out of here before the spirits did more than creep her out.

Behind her, Onyx meowed, causing Noah’s blue eyes to light up.

“You still have him?” Noah pushed past Avery. Before she could shove him out of her apartment and deadbolt the door, he had her cat in his arms. Onyx rubbed his face against Noah’s clean-shaven cheek. “He remembers me.”

“I doubt it. You probably just had a fish sandwich.” Avery regretted the words as soon as they left her lips. Only seeing Noah again could bring out the nastiness in her. This attitude was so not Avery’s norm.

Could this day get any worse? An uninvited ex-boyfriend and supernatural spirit both coming to haunt her?


Find this book on all major retailers HERE.

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