Top 5 Reasons to Fear Dogs…

In my book, Hidden: The Quirky Tale of a Pregnant Fairy Godmother, the main character, Ciera, is afraid of dogs. It’s written to be humorous, because, come on? Who’d be afraid of those beloved creatures? But I got thinking…

Top 5 Reasons to Fear Dogs

Here’s 5 reasons to be afraid of dogs.

  1. Have you seen those teeth?  There are way too many pointed ones and they have 1/3 more teeth than humans. (42 dogs vs 32 humans.)dog-2414477_1920
  2. What else do they lick with that tongue?  Interesting fact: If a human is bit by a dog, they don’t necessarily need antibiotics, but if they are bit by another human (or a cat) they do. I think I conclude that humans should be licking ourselves clean to keep our mouth bacteria healthy. (Bad assumption. Don’t try this.)dog-851821_1920
  3. Can you say Bed hog?  Honestly, my dog (a Great Dane) is so big, sometimes I leave our queen-sized bed to sleep on the sofa. Yeah, I should probably kick her out, but she sleeps so soundly.adorable-1845306_1920
  4. Um…parasites? Internal and external.  Nuff
  5. And the most fearful thing of all…they only live a fraction of your life, meaning you probably will have to watch them die. ☹  dog-2579885_1920

But seriously, some people really do fear dogs. The phobia is called cynophobia and it affects 1 in 20 people or 5% of the population. You can learn more about it on wikipedia here.

(Side note: In Hidden, Ciera might be afraid of dogs, but the joke was on her. I named her after a dog I cared for when I was a veterinary pharmacist.)

Comment below with your realistic or humorous reasons to be afraid of dogs.

Thanks for reading.


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