Where Do You Write?

My answer should be easy. It should be here, at my desk.


But it’s not that easy. In fact, I do the least amount of writing at my desk.

The real answer?

I write here:

and here

and here

[But not when driving ;-)]

PLUS about 1000 more places.

We write wherever inspiration hits. Wherever we can grab a few moments.

But, when I want to get serious or I’m on a deadline (of course, all self-inflicted) I come back to my desk to focus and reenergize.

How about you? Where do you write? Do you have a special spot?


  1. I tend to shift periodically between my actual desk, the couch, and the dining room table. But if I want to lock myself away from the rest of my family, it’s definitely my writing desk!

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  2. I admire those that can spin a word or two and make it seem seamless and beautiful. I often think about stuff away from my desk, anywhere that is out there while I’m thinking up an idea or two, but somehow it never makes it on paper or online!

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