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Magic in the World Around Us

Since I write speculative fiction, I’m always dreaming up some magical world or a world where science is pushed a little beyond it’s current limits. Sometimes while I’m thinking up superheros, angels, and human clones, I get detached from the … Continue reading

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Where have I been?

Has anyone noticed I’ve been MIA? No, I haven’t given up. Actually, I can’t wait to post my next 1000 True Fans post, as my mailing list is now over 10,000 subscribers…BUT my time has been limited. Why? Oh, let … Continue reading

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Camp NaNo – My First Sequel

July’s Camp NaNoWriMo is coming up, and I’m excited to start my first sequel! I published Blood & Holy Water back in April, and since then, readers have been asking for a sequel…so…here we go! I have a tentative cover … Continue reading

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A Method to Book Marketing

Ever wonder where to devote your time (and resources) in marketing a book? I’ve been asking that question this entire year as I plug away at my 1000 True Fans blog series. I stumbled upon a graph on how readers … Continue reading

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Oh the Pressure! A Writing Calendar

I love creating new characters, worlds, and writing about their journey, but I have a problem. I can’t do it fast enough. After that first draft is written, I spend countless hours rewriting, editing, and tweaking it until I’m not afraid … Continue reading

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I Wrote ‘THE END’ Twice Today!

It amazing how productive you can be, if your mind is focused on your task. (AND you have a day off of work.) Today, I wrote “THE END” not once, but twice! Yup, twice. I always wish I’d only work on … Continue reading

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Crime Division: Medications as a Murder Weapon (in Fiction Writing, Of Course) Joynell Schultz, PharmD, RPh

Originally posted on Mystery Thriller Week:
Hmmm… You have someone to kill. You need a creative way, and the old-fashioned gun, knife, rope, or pillow suffixation simply won’t do. Using a medication sounds intriguing. In the alphabet soup of drugs,…

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