Top 5 (or 6) Unconventionally Awesome Fantasy & Sci-Fi Heroes

I just discovered that the box set I’m in (Rogue Skies) has a really cool website with a ton of articles on their BLOG that you could waste hours reading. They were all written by other authors in the 25 book novel collection.

I recently read this article:

What do you think? You can comment right on the post (linked above) or this post to share your thoughts.

Does it make me a bad SFF fan that out of the six unconventional heroes listed, I only know one of them? (Newt Scamander)

Because of this, I sat down and created my own list of the top five unconventional fantasy & sci-fi heroes. I really wanted to put The Arrow or Batman on this list (as they are my favorite heroes and have very similar motivations and history) but they both are very conventional, in my opinion.

So…here is my list:

  1. Buffy (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) who is the hallmark of the whole urban fantasy genre. Yes, she’s very traditional as in she sacrifices her life to fight bad guys, but you have to remember her origins. A Valley girl cheerleader (I’m talking about the movie and not the TV show) unlike most urban fantasy where the main character never quite fit in to the society norm.
  2. Pam (from the Sookie Stackhouse series) or Mazikeen (from Lucifer.) In my opinion, the characters are very similar. You have the flat sidekick who hides their moral code to do what’s right. Maybe this trope is becoming more conventional, but the sidekicks always get overlooked.
  3. John Murphy (from the 100) — or is he the villain? He rides the line, shooting and paralyzing Raven early on and always picking the side that’ll save his butt–but he’s a bit deeper than that as the newer seasons show.
  4. The Terminator. I mean, the bad guy that completely terrified me comes back in the second movie to be the hero. It was something I didn’t expect.
  5. The Wizard from the Wizard of Oz. Who knew the man behind the curtain was a wimp? But even when he was proven to be a fraud, he comes through at the end of the day.

How about you?

What sci-fi and fantasy heroes do you enjoy because they’re as bit different than the rest?

Comment on this post and let me know.

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