Top 5 Fantasy Weapons

Another article I’d like to comment on from the box set I’m in (Rogue Skies) has a really cool website with a ton of articles on their BLOG that you could waste hours reading. They were all written by other authors in the 25 book novel collection.

I recently read this article:

What do you think? You can comment right on the post (linked above) or this post to share your thoughts.

I’d like to add a few weapons to the list:

  1. The boomerang or boomerang like devices (from Xena’s Chackram to Batman, Blade, and even Captain America.) I mean, just the fact alone that the boomerang-like-object comes back to the thrower — even after hitting something — is an act of magic in itself. I’d rank this somewhere between Halberds and Arrows on the list.
  2. The good ol’ fashion bo (as in the stick-like weapon yielded by my favorite Ninja Turtle, Donatello.) I’d add this right after boomerangs on the list.
  3. A good hand-to-hand martial-arts type weapon of defense–yes, the faithful human body. For some reason, whatever weapons the hero and the villain have always get tossed aside and nearly every movie/TV/book resorts back to using the human body as their weapon, from martial arts to kick boxing and everything in between. This would be ranked as the second-best the fantasy weapon list–right behind magic itself…unless, of course, it’s an enchanted sword like Excaliber or the Sword of Light in my Angels of Sojourn Series. 🙂

What are your favorite fantasy weapons? Anything that didn’t make the lists?

(I wanted to add a Light Saber to this list, but realized it was nothing more than a high-tech sword. And I do consider Star Wars to cross over into the fantasy genre a bit from sci-fi. What’s more magical than “The Force.” I know, they try to explain it with science, but still…)

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