Introducing the Entire EARTH’S ONLY HOPE Series.

earth's only hope

CONNECTING and DEPARTING released this week, and SURVIVING is on pre-order, so I thought it would be the right time to introduce this series more than the sneak peeks of chapter 1 and the excerpt from CONNECTING that I previously posted.

The EARTH’S ONLY HOPE series starts out by taking place on our Earth, only the planet has cooled to a point where it can no longer sustain the majority of its life. In CONNECTING (the prequel) humans only have about one year left to live before they will freeze or starve to death. DEPARTING (book 1) takes place with only six months left.

No matter what scientists and the government do, there is no hope until human-like beings from outer space contact Earth and offer help.

Everything else you need to know can be be found on my Earth’s Only Hope sales page but I wanted to share a bit of insider information with you about both published books in this series.


  1. Yes, it’s technically a prequel, but it stands alone. It tells the story of how the first alien finds Earth…and why. (Hit: I only write romantic stories.)
  2. As I mentioned in my post about DEPARTING, all alien human-like life in my story derived from the same point in the universe, but life evolved with different adaptations (or lost skills.) Humans lost their telepathic abilities, while the aliens in this story (from a planet called Kaipra) are still very telepathic. They also have color-changing skin and can share memories with a single kiss. (Remember, I write romantic stories. 😊 )
  3. Even though this book has aliens, it has more of a “post-apocalyptic” feel than DEPARTING. In CONNECTING the majority of the story takes place on a dying earth.
  4. CONNECTING is available only in the Rogue Skies Box Set along with 23 other novels. About 60-75% of the novels have at least a romantic subplot. All in the sci-fi or fantasy genres including high fantasy, urban fantasy, young adult, superhero, dark fantasy, historical fantasy, time travel, dystopian, space opera, steampunk, and more.
  5. CONNECTING will be published on its own (not in a box set) in mid-December.



  1. DEPARTING isn’t not my typical “Sappy Sweet” story. When you read it, you might not even like the main character for a bit. It’s still a “romance” so there will be a happy ending.
  2. There’s a bit of nakedness in the book – though, it’s kept clean (mostly).
  3. The dying Earth world in this book was inspired by my father. Are we actually entering a real ice age again? (But I doubt that if we enter a real ice age, aliens from another planet will be our salvation.)
  4. This book (and all of them in the series) were much more difficult for me to write than my other stories due to the amount of thought that my brain has to endure to create a grittier sci-fi world. I had to go back and re-plot the book multiple times as well as take daily naps when writing. 😊 (Though, I love naps.) Because of this, the time between releases in this series will be 2-3 months and not the 1 month like I initially planned.
  5. My aliens are very human-like, in fact, I consider them “human” just like us “Earthlings.” The story premise is that all human-like life derived from the same point in the universe. We did evolve differently (in this book, the aliens have two hearts, can breathe through their skin, and can speak with each other in dreams.)

The release of the Rogue Skies Box Set (which contains CONNECTING) is both excited and nerve-wracking! This is my first (and hopefully, only) attempt at making the USA Today Bestsellers List, but to even qualify for that list, we need 500 Apple, 500 Nook, and about 4000 Amazon sales of this 99 cent box set by Sunday night! I thought that by (nearly) giving away 24 novels for this minimum price would make hitting the list easy – Boy was I wrong! We’re still a long ways away from our goal. Apple and Nook sales are nearly impossible!


I hope you consider giving this series a try. (Find out where to find these books here: 

If you did, please comment with your thoughts.



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