Excerpt from CONNECTING


“You’re beautiful.”

I jumped before I realized it was my imagination again.

“Jana, wait. Don’t shut down our connection.” The voice was smoky and encircled me with its exotic tones. I closed my eyes and listened. Perhaps I wanted to hear the compliment again. Nobody had called me beautiful since my parents died. Not Stetson, who I dated for a few months. Not even Gran. “Jana? Are you there?”

“I’m here,” I whispered, breathless from something…excitement?

“Open your eyes. I want to see you when we talk.” His words were firm and urged me to obey.

I pried open one eye, then the other—staring at my honey-colored irises in the mirror.

“You’re not what I expected. You’re much older than I thought.”

“I’m not that old.” Though my eyes focused on the small lines around my lips. Perhaps if I smiled more, they’d be less noticeable.

“You’re even more lovely when you smile.”

I tightened my lips and hid the smile that had emerged, but my cheeks reddened. I tensed and turned away from the mirror.


Read more of Jana & Lon’s story in Connecting. Find this book here: www.JoynellSchultz.com/EOH .




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