Face Lift for “Quarter Witch Chronicles” Box Set

When I released the “Quarter Witch Chronicles” Box Set this past January, I whipped out a cover myself to meet the need.


I didn’t think much of a box set cover, and figured whatever I picked wouldn’t impact sales. That the fantastic individual covers would be enough to sell this set…

But…sales for the box set never took off.

So…it’s time I did something about this problem.

My original cover designer is booked quite far out, so I picked an inexpensive pre-made cover to see if it makes a difference before investing the time and money into a cover that matches the series. (i.e. same dragon. Same girl.)

A few things I considered while shopping for a cover…

  • I would like to get a BookBub Featured Deal on this box set sometime in the future, so I have to have a stand alone cover for the 3 book set that doesn’t use the previous covers.
  • I’ve had feedback that the original covers look a bit “erotica” because you don’t see the girl’s face.

So…after looking at a few pre-made cover choices, I picked a cover that looks more Urban Fantasy to prevent this mix-up. A big thank you to Taurus Colosseum for adding the dragon to the background at no extra charge. 🙂

Here it is…

Quarter Witch Chronicles Box Set


We’ll see if this new cover works a bit better than the old. Time will tell. I’m still waiting for updates to get pushed to all the sites where my cover hangs out.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Dear Joy:

    I don’t know if this will hold or not but I received your newsletter on my hotmail address today. (Nothing on Gmail).

    Maybe I’ll get future emails on hotmail? We’ll see.


    Sent from my iPhone


  2. My only guess on why the original cover did not take off is possibly the school girl uniform and backpack? Makes her appear too young and or naive? Although, to be fair, the stories revolve around a girl who is a student…so it was appropriate for the storyline itself. I only noticed the adorable dragon and ignored the girl tbh. I do love the new cover though 🙂


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