The Paranormal Bed & Breakfast Mysteries

“Kyla goes undercover as a cook at Moonstruck Manor to figure out why two chefs died in the past six months. Just one big problem: She can’t cook.”

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I’ve been quiet for a few months, working hard on this new series.
Many of you have already read the prequel to this series (Magically Poisoned.) This cozy witch mystery released in February and is still available for only 99 cents.
This month, Magically Murdered AND Magically Attacked release. (June 8th and 15th, respectively.)
(Make sure to scroll down for an excerpt from Magically Murdered.)
This series is a traditional paranormal witch cozy mystery with a romantic subplot that my advanced reader team is loving so far.
Enjoy this excerpt from Book 1: Magically Murdered
“Well?” Tabatha pulled out a barstool from our kitchen peninsula and folded her arms over her chest, waiting for me to spill my entire evening to her.
“Well what?” I tightened my lips to hold back my smile and watched my sister squirm. She was completely into my business, and I loved it. She always made me feel special.
“Well…tell me why Devin wasn’t the one driving you home?”
“That’s your first question? Not who is Mr. Tall-Dark-and-Handsome?” I closed one set of cupboard doors and opened the next. I had already rummaged through all the upper cabinets and now moved on to the lowers.
“I want to know that, too!” She put her elbows on the worn laminate and leaned forward with her face in her cupped hands. “What are you looking for, anyway?”
“A cookbook. I need to make breakfast tomorrow, and I have no idea where to start. I spent all afternoon searching online, but came up with nothing that piqued my curiosity. I doubt serving cold cereal is appropriate.”
“Depends if everyone loves Fruit Loops or not.”
An image of Mr. Tall-Dark-And-Handsome eating cold kids’ cereal forced out a deep belly laugh. So not lady-like.
“What did I miss?” Tabitha asked.
“I just can’t picture Mr. Shade eating anything slathered in milk. What if he spilled it on his wingtips? Or he ended up with a milk mustache?”
“Mr. Shade? Is that who drove you home?”
“Come on. Help me find something to cook for breakfast tomorrow, and I’ll tell you all about him.”
“And about where Devin went.”
The rusty barstool moaned as Tabitha stood and met me in the kitchen. She opened a drawer next to the stove. “Cookbooks are here.”
“All two of them,” I teased. “Well, it’s good you don’t cook, either. Makes me feel like less of a loser.”
“But I know how to cook.” She licked her finger and paged through the book.
* * *
Read the entire novel through Amazon here:

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