Mail-Order Witch

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Mail-Order Witch Series

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When Ettie agreed to become a mail-order witch and travel across the country to marry a man she never met, she expected a few bumps along the way as they got to know each other.

What she never expected was the prejudiced town she moved to.

The citizens of Watersedge don’t have much experience with magical practitioners and struggle to find where Ettie fits into their community.

When nobody will hire her, she takes matters into her own hands and opens a magic shop…a place where she can get to know the people who live in this town and teach them about witches and magic.

But the problem is someone is out to get her shop shut down with one problem after another. Episode 1 starts when all the second graders begin turning into fox, Episode 2 has a rodent infestation, and Episode 3 Ettie struggles with getting inventory for her store.

Can Ettie and her new husband, Roman, figure out who is sabotaging her shop before Ettie’s Enchanted Effects goes out of business?

And in the process, will these newlyweds grow closer or have some trouble of their own?

You won’t want to miss this fun paranormal cozy mystery series because it has everything you want to read about: magic gone wrong, do-good witches, and an unsolved mystery.

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