1000 True Fans – New Subscriber Email Sequence (Week 4) – Building an Advanced Reader Team

operation_ (21)

Today our focus is on building an Advanced Reader Team.

What is an advanced reader team? A group of your “true” fans who want to read and review all your books (or most your books). These are your super-loyal fans who give you feedback when you mess something up and leave reviews to help other readers decide to purchase your book. In exchange for this help, you agree to give these fans your book(s) for free.

So…as I’m creating and sending out a welcome email sequence for my newsletter, I want to formulate a second list of the readers who wish to help me out with reading and reviewing my novels.

Yeah, I know. If I give my books away free, will I be losing sales?

Maybe. But I’m doing this with faith that word of mouth and extra reviews will help grow my audience in the long run.

Plus, I love giving my fans stuff. I can’t help it.

So, to manage this, HERE is the final email I’m sending out in my three part welcome series. (It won’t go out until next week, as I wanted enough time in between that some people may have read or at least started the free stories they downloaded…plus I’m spacing it due to the Memorial Day Holiday, assuming people will be too busy to read their email.)

To help manage my Advanced Reader Team, I created two google forms (Feel free to check them out or use them to sign up. Did you catch that subtle hint? Yeah, not very subtle.)

  1. General sign up for my Advanced Reader Team. Click HERE to see it.
  2. Book request form. Click HERE to see it.

This may also help answer the question I blogged about a few weeks ago…how many of my followers/subscribers are true fans. We’ll see how many advanced reviewers I receive.

As I already hit my initial goal of 1000 mailing list subscribers in this 1000 “True” Fan blog series, I’m focusing on growing some TRUE Fans from this list. May’s focus has been creating a mailing list subscriber sequence. To get updated on this process, you can check out WEEK 1WEEK 2, and/or WEEK 3 here.

For those of you following my newsletter subscriber growth, here’s how I’m doing so far:

Current Mailing List Subscriptions: 2371 fans / 1000 true fans (Up 52 people since last week.)

Copy of operation_ (19)

 If you want to get caught up on 2017’s journey to find 1000 fans, check out the 1000 “True” Fan Landing Page.

Do you have an Advanced Reader Team? I’d love to hear your thoughts on an appropriate number of readers/reviewers.

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