A Method to Book Marketing

Ever wonder where to devote your time (and resources) in marketing a book?

I’ve been asking that question this entire year as I plug away at my 1000 True Fans blog series. I stumbled upon a graph on how readers find books and ended up writing an article about it. You can find my article on Black Wolf Editorial’s Blog as a guest post. Check it out, it definitely opened my eyes to where I’ll be moving in the future.

Here was the pie graph from a 2011 Smashwords survey that made me question my marketing strategy.


Again, head over to Black Wolf Publishing to check out the entire article.

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  1. I liked your post! And that pie chart is really interesting…having good word-of-mouth about your book really does seem to work the best (and it makes sense, too, because I’m more likely to read a book that someone has recommended to me). I also think some of the sections bleed into one another–for example, having a good cover is extremely important, whether or not it’s what actually grabs the attention of the reader. And even if someone recommends the book and you don’t like the sample of it, you probably won’t read it anyway. So, good tips at the end of the post! They will be helpful for marketing my books in the future (whenever I actually publish something). 🙂

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    1. Great insights, Lana! You’ll get your stuff published, since you are dedicated. I thought this pie graph was eye opening and hoped others would find it to be that way too. Thanks for the comment!


      1. Oh, thank you. 🙂 I’m trying to be dedicated, haha! And yes, it was very interesting! I’m glad that you’re always sharing the knowledge you find with us.

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