Wanted: Someone to Read my Urban Fantasy Novel

As I’m preparing to publish my new novel, BLOOD & HOLY WATER, I’m looking for some high-level feedback on the story.

Is anyone interested? It should be a fairly quick read.

I can send the file over in word, adobe, google docs, .rtf, or many other formats.

BHW finalSecond Order Angel, Ava, is sick of helping elderly women cross the street and strategically placing spare change where the poor can find it. She wants to be promoted and finally earn her wings. An angel promotion takes more than Ava’s hard work and determination though. It takes a miracle – literally. Unfortunately, her miracle is impossible, as it involves a vampire.

Fin, the vampire in question, has a different agenda. He doesn’t deserve a miracle and can’t be bothered helping a naïve angel earn her wings. He’s busy enough keeping the Blood Board off his back. Fin has spent his entire life as a vampire avoiding his own kind, and now it seems his luck has run out. When one of his secrets surfaces, it seems nothing can help him short of a miracle. Too bad he scared the angel away.

Contact me below if you are interested.

Here is a link to the FIRST CHAPTER if you’d like read before deciding.


Blood & Holy Water – First Draft Done!

It only took me nearly TEN years and multiple first attempts, but Blood & Holy Water has a completed first draft! It feels fantastic!

PLUS I feel it’s the best first draft I’ve ever written. This story I wrote with the help of a critique partner (who I found on GoodReads) that went through each chapter as I wrote it – helped me with plot holes and grammar issues as I wrote… Which left me with a First Draft I’d actually show more people.

I started June 26th with the actually writing and finished today… 41 days to 60K. Not bad, but this novel practically wrote itself (it should have, I had 10 years to think about it!)

Next step: August 15th I’m participating in a novel swap though Scribophile where we swap novels with 3 others writers. I haven’t participated before, but we each will end up with three critiques on our novels. There’s still time to sign up (it’s free) if you need a read through of your novel. There are alpha reads and beta reads.  I have 10 days to zip through what I wrote one more time and make sure it’s ready for the swap.

Also, here is the first chapter of Blood & Holy Water if you’re interested.

Thank you for following my journey!


Blood & Holy Water Cover


Week 2: Camp NaNoWriMo – Critique Partner


I just finished Week #2 of Camp NaNoWriMo and things are smooth sailing.  I’ve finished 28,100 words of my 31,000 words goal.

On GoodReads, I stumbled upon an ad for a critique partner. A fellow writer was looking for a partner to read each chapter of her novel as she finishes it (Work in Progress). What pulled me in was her characters were similar to mine for this Camp Nano. I jumped at the opportunity to have some feedback on the novel as I wrote it.

This is an entirely new concept for me. I’ve never shared a work in progress before. My first drafts… Or rather, draft zero, is typically terrible. A complete embarrassment that I won’t even show to my mother. Maybe this one is too, but I’m still sharing it and using the feedback to make it better. I believe that when I get to the end, I’ll have the best first draft I’ve ever written.

My palms sweat and my heart flutters before I share each chapter – both from fear and from excitement. I really like having feedback on the plot before I write a 50K+ novel and have to rework the whole thing.

Plus it keeps me going. I don’t think I’d be 28K into the novel already if I didn’t have someone eagerly waiting to read my next chapter. So even if it’s not perfect, I still click “share”.

We’ve been using Google Docs, and I’m really enjoying this program for critique partner/feedback. It handles comments really well and you can go in and see exactly what your partner changed in their story based on your feedback.

How is your project going, and what have you been doing to stay motivated?

Week 1: Camp NaNoWriMo – Excerpt

First off, I want to say that I’m loving the cabin I’m in for this Camp NaNoWriMo!  They are super supportive and a chatty group.

Secondly, I wanted to brag a little.  Please forgive me.  Week 1 of camp has come to a close and I’m ecstatic with my progress!

I’m 8 out of 27 chapters into my novel and I’ve already shared and revised them with feedback of my critique partner. Eight chapters equals 17,000 words towards my goal of 31,000 by the end of the month.

I picked this story to write solely to have fun, and it hasn’t disappointed me. With no pressure for anything, the story is flowing and I’m disregarding any internal critic telling me that it’s not worth the digital ink it’s being written in. I need to write silly, ridiculous stories more often. 🙂  (Vampires and Angels, a ton of fun!  Plus I’m writing in alternating 3rd person limited POV, which is also quite entertaining.)

Here is the first page if you are interested – still in first draft format.  Beware, there is some foul language.


Fin glided down the emergency department’s hallway cupping a syringe of blood in his hand, trying to lose his invisible stalker.

Damn angel.

His own unfulfilling blood pooled in his mouth as his teeth dug into his bottom lip.  The syringe he hid was nearly pulsating in his palm, beckoning to him.  His body wanted to run, but there were a few humans around and he couldn’t draw attention to himself.  He focused on putting one foot in front of the other.

“Good evening Dr. O’Brian,” a nurse nodded at him.

He forced a reserved smile that hid his fangs and continued to walk. “Evening, Jane.”

Despite holding his breath, the odors of sage and cinnamon still filled his senses.  He tried to filter them out, focusing on the multiple disinfectants in the hallway instead.

Though only seconds passed, to Fin it felt like an eternity before he disappeared into the empty physician’s lounge.  When the door clicked shut, he brought the syringe to his lips and sucked down the contents.  Instant relief.  He could now focus on the angel, whose spicy scent was impossible to ignore.

Why now?  Were the angels finally coming after him for his sins from 22 years ago?

“Show yourself,” he snapped; his teeth threatened to resurface.  He wouldn’t hide anymore.


“Come out of Goddamn hiding!” he roared and then realized he should have been wiser in his word choice in front of an angel.

He took some unnecessary breaths to calm himself. He had to be careful or the beast won. The angel’s aroma reminded him of the last moments of his human life, as he fought with the Angel of Death.  Pain.  Loss.  Desire.  He shook his head, focus Fin.

“How long do I have left?” He asked into the air while allowing his gaze to search the empty room.  He was certain this was the end.  His time to die – for good.  No matter how many times he told himself he was ready, he wasn’t.

Blood & Holy Water Cover

For the full first chapter, click here: Blood & Holy Water – Chapter 1  If you read this and wish to leave comments, go for it. I’d be happy for more feedback.


How’s your project coming?

Writing for Fun! (July’s Camp NaNoWriMo)

Only 7 days to go until July’s Camp NaNoWriMo.  (More info HERE, if you don’t know what that is.). I’ve been working nonstop on my novel, Love, Lies, & Clones since I started it in February.  It’s currently in my beta readers’ hands, so I need a distraction…  Something FUN.


Ten years ago or so, I started a story….  It was shoved in a drawer when the whole Twilight vampire craze hit.  Who needs another vampire story, right?

Well, it turns out I do.  The unfinished story has been nagging on me.  I fell in love with the characters, and they are still insisting I tell the story.  So, in July, I’m going to finally finish it!  I could never get past the first act…  But now… drumroll….  I have the whole thing outlined out.  And not just one outline, but two!

I changed my outlining method and tried the 27 chapter approach.  (More on that HERE or HERE.)  This worked so well for me, I may have found a new way to prepare future projects!

Here is my quick outline overview:


And here is a screenshot of the full 27 page beast!

Screenshot (14)

Now, I can’t wait until July 1st to start writing the story… Again.

Blood & Holy Water Blurb (Also updated my Current Projects page.)

Blood & Holy Water Cover

2nd order angel, Ava, is sick of helping elderly women cross the street and strategically placing spare change where the poor can find it. She wants to be promoted to 3rd order angel and finally earn her wings. An angel promotion takes more than Ava’s hard work and determination – it takes a miracle – literally. Ava’s miracle is saving a fallen angel, one turned vampire 25 years ago.

Fin, the vampire in question, has a different agenda, no miracle needed, no helping a naïve angel earn her wings. He is busy keeping the Blood Board off his back. Fin has spent his entire time as a vampire avoiding his own kind, and now they are forcing him to work with them.

Ava can’t get a break, she is certain this miracle, just like all her miracles before, is a flop when she discovers Fin is impossible — his first killing as a vampire was his wife.

Just when Fin finally scares Ava away, he now frantically needs her because one of his secrets has surfaced. The human daughter he’s been protecting for 25 years is missing. Ava’s ability to detect truth and lies is exactly what he needs when dealing with vampires.

Ava is now busy with her own problems; angels have been turning up dead, drained of blood. It appears a vampire caused the deaths – the problem is vampires cannot see or touch angels. All vampires except for Fin…

Are you ready for camp?