Blood & Holy Water – First Draft Done!

It only took me nearly TEN years and multiple first attempts, but Blood & Holy Water has a completed first draft! It feels fantastic!

PLUS I feel it’s the best first draft I’ve ever written. This story I wrote with the help of a critique partner (who I found on GoodReads) that went through each chapter as I wrote it – helped me with plot holes and grammar issues as I wrote… Which left me with a First Draft I’d actually show more people.

I started June 26th with the actually writing and finished today… 41 days to 60K. Not bad, but this novel practically wrote itself (it should have, I had 10 years to think about it!)

Next step: August 15th I’m participating in a novel swap though Scribophile where we swap novels with 3 others writers. I haven’t participated before, but we each will end up with three critiques on our novels. There’s still time to sign up (it’s free) if you need a read through of your novel. There are alpha reads and beta reads.  I have 10 days to zip through what I wrote one more time and make sure it’s ready for the swap.

Also, here is the first chapter of Blood & Holy Water if you’re interested.

Thank you for following my journey!


Blood & Holy Water Cover


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10 Responses to Blood & Holy Water – First Draft Done!

  1. Mary says:

    So glad to read your first chapter. Wonderful!

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  2. TG says:

    Oh wow. Thanks for following and i like the first chapter of your book.. my fave genre. Hoping to read more..

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m super grateful you took a look at my first chapter! I’m hoping to get through some beta readers and get this published soon! (If you’re at all interested in beta reading, I’d send you my novel (it’s a little rough) in exchange for your feedback on how to make it better… ) Otherwise, I’ll have more posted here sometime soon.
      Again, thanks for stopping by and commenting! I love the books you’re reviewing on your site.

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  3. booksnbakery says:

    I will admit that I’m not much into vampires and such but I like this! It’s an interesting twist on vampire/angel interaction. Very nice!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. hoondat says:

    Congrats! Isn’t it the most powerful feeling? Well done!

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