Censorship Beyond School Libraries

Facebook pulled my advertisement! I’m in shock and disbelief. All I was trying to do inform people that my book is out in the world. Apparently, images of weapons are not allowed in Facebook ads.

Have you never seen a gun before?

I mean, come on! It’s advertising a novel. A book to stimulate your brain. A book that is mild compared to what’s out there…in novels and in real life. And don’t even get me started on movie trailers that broadcast on network TV!

So, if I want to advertise through Facebook (which many authors say is quite effective) I need to change my novel cover.

Is it worth giving in?

I know Facebook is a private company, but I still feel violated.

Old Attempted Ad:


My own personal modification I may try…if I EVER decide to give Facebook my money. Facebook probably has a clause somewhere in tiny, tiny print that if I try this ad, they’ll ban me from their site permanently.


I can still post images of guns on my author page and my personal page, I just can’t use their paid services. It’s their decision, but it’s still frustrating.

Can you hear me sigh? See me shake my head?

Thanks for listening to my rant. On to bigger and better things in 2017!



  1. I’m actually not sure how much the image loses by cropping the gun. She’s in a very distinctive stance, and the focus is actually more on her gaze than on the weapon, itself. You might actually cover it with the spines of previous books, get the other titles in, graphically, at least, and wind up with more bang for your buck.

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  2. We need to thank all the dear mongering that exists in the world today. It doesn’t surprise me though. FB is protecting itself, just like Amazon from any liable from an image that may incite violence. In today’s climate, it’s not hard to understand. All the best to you if you persuade them to allow it. 😊

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    1. Yeah, and I can’t be mad because Facebook is a business–they can do whatever they want. It’s my decision to keep my business with them or not. I still like venting sometimes though 🙂 Thanks for the comment!


  3. That really is maddening. I mean, you’re paying them for a service that they refuse to run?! Like my brother always says, “facebook is the devil.” I wish we didn’t need them for promotion.

    Sighing right with you.

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  4. Facebook has been doing this a lot, lately! They’ve even been suspending outdoor storefront pages and not allowing them to post pictures of their inventory online. So ridiculous. I definitely don’t blame you for being miffed, I’d be quite livid as well, especially, like Lori said, being that you paid for advertisement.

    I do love your “facebook friendly” promo pic though, and I’d say go right ahead and post that. Give it right back to them 😉

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    1. I can’t believe they’ve been holding back storefront ads! It’s sad they’re scared to be more open with their policies. Once my book goes back up to full price, I’m completely running that “censored” facebook ad. I hope it doesn’t get me kicked off their site. Fingers crossed.


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