Check Out These FREE eBook (and How To Design Your Own Promo)

In my blog post earlier this week, I mentioned that I was coordinating a newsletter growing promotion. Well, here it is… It’s all over. But you can do your own.

***Make sure to scroll all the way to the end of this blog post, I have another fantasy / science fiction FREE eBook promotion down at the bottom. ***


I coordinated this one myself, and it was a little more work than I thought it would be. Hopefully, it’s a success and all these authors find readers for their books. If you wouldn’t mind, it’d be fabulous if you’d take a look at the page I made and perhaps find something that interests you.)

Now, you ask. How did I coordinate this? It started with a few of us author’s complaining about our pathetic mailing lists. A few, more experienced authors saying you needed to get involved in one of these cross-promotion things. Well, how do you get involved in one of these? YOU NEED A BIG MAILING LIST! It’s an endless loop, so we thought we’d create our own. Our goal was to find 20 authors to participate. Here’s the steps:

  1. Ask everywhere you have connections if they have a giveaway and if they’d like to participate. I used Facebook groups I belonged to along with a post on kBoards. After a few days, I pulled together the twenty authors I needed. (You’d think 20 slots would have filled much faster, but it turns out many authors don’t have freebies put together. The other authors, already having huge lists and are involved in much larger scale promotions.)
  2. Using my blog, I created a landing page to host the author’s giveaways along with the links to their book and a sentence or two description. It took a little bit of time gathering all the info I needed and having the participating authors change a little. Pull outs due to contracting and scrambling for new additions. It worked out though.
  3. I created a Facebook group for all the authors to get together for instruction and to snag the graphics I made using Canva.
  4. I created a HeadTalker campaign for the authors to support, that would give at least one post directing their fans to the site.
  5. The only requirement for the authors is to share this giveaway any way they can. No minimum newsletter subscribers, twitter followers, etc.
  6. Now, the promotion is out of my hands. I need to trust the author to spread the word, and I can’t wait to see how many page views this promotion gets.

Okay…on to the SECOND promotion that I’m in. This one is fantasy and science fiction only (my favs!) HERE’s the link

happy girl reading book by the window in winter

I hope you find something to read this weekend. 🙂



  1. I saw your “Review for a Free Copy” post earlier n the week, and I was wondering how you’re getting people to actually review the book. Are they promising to review before you send them the copy?

    Or are you giving away free copies, asking them to please review, and hoping they do review the book?

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    1. I’m pretty laid back on my advanced reader copy policy. I have a big note on the first page of the book reminding them that this is an Advanced Reader Copy and “When you’re finished, please leave a review on Amazon and/or Good Reads.” Then, I make it clear, wherever I post the link to download the book, that it is in exchange for a review. I also have a mandatory mailing list opt-in, that way, it keeps track of who downloaded and I can send a reminder to leave that review. I’m not too uptight, because I don’t want to pressure someone into reviewing it (I may end up with a bad review that way.) I’ve seen other authors create a google form and filter who they send it to–asking for an example of a previous review so they can filter out the harsh ones.

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    1. Thanks! (I think you actually gave me the idea, many months ago, to use my short stories as a give-away. Thank you.) The ‘Free Reads’ newsletter subscriber promotion is actually doing pretty well-from my POV. 343 Page views so far on Day #1.

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