Cover Art – Love, Lies, & Clones

I was inspired by this post: and decided to try making my own cover for the novel I’m working on.  I convinced my 11 year old daughter to pose for me.  All it took was telling her, “You’re going to be famous!”  My 13 year old golden retriever, Clifford, only needed the leash to convince him.

The whole thing only took a few minutes and was a much needed break from writing & editing.

So here it is!  Overall, I’m happy with it.  If I actually do anything with the book, I’ll increase the quality of the photo and do something with the font/font color.


Clone Cover




  1. Ooh, that picture is awesome! I’d probably use a different font like you said, but the picture looks super professional and like it’d belong on a book cover. Good job


      1. Covers are really exciting, aren’t they? They always make me start to envision this great future for my novel, which isn’t always true, but does help with motivation.

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