Camp NaNo – My First Sequel

July’s Camp NaNoWriMo is coming up, and I’m excited to start my first sequel! I published Blood & Holy Water back in April, and since then, readers have been asking for a sequel…so…here we go! I have a tentative cover (since, for some reason, covers motivate me to write) and a working title.

bhw ff

Book 1 (Blood & Holy Water) was about an angel who needed a miracle to earn her wings…and it turns out her miracle involved a vampire with a secret to protect.

Book 2 (Feathers & Fur) will be about a recently fallen angel who can’t help but try to do good, but when his path’s cross with a werewolf mother that doesn’t want his help, he feels lost in this new world.

I have the whole thing outlined, and know the characters since they appeared in other stories. (The fallen angel was in Blood & Holy Water and the werewolf was in my story Bitten in my Quick Escape: Fantasy Tales freebie.)

Next, I need to come up with a series title.

So, who’s in Camp with me? What will you be working on?


  1. I’m going to use this July for rewriting my novel. It sounds terrible but I have been working surgery on it for the past couple of months and having a fresh page has helped 🙂

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  2. I’ll be “camping it up” this July as well :-). Have two manuscripts to finish so hopefully between the two of them, I can not only write a total of 50K but bring both manuscripts to a state of finished that will allow them to move that much closer to their respective release dates.


    1. That’ll be awesome to finish up two WIP’s…especially in the same month/during the same camp! I’ve never been able to write 50K in a month, so I’m a bit envious of you. Good luck! I can’t wait to hear how it goes.

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  3. I’m all in! Using this Camp NaNo to organize two wips for the fall and two online reads. Something about the structure of NaNo that makes me “toe the line” more than I do on my own! LOL! 😉


    1. So true! I’m happy camps happen twice during the year–I push myself more than normal, too. I really wish November’s NaNoWriMo structure was more like camp. I love the cabins. Good luck with your WIP’s!

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  4. So excited to see your Angel story has a sequel. I’m using Camp to research my November novel. Since the setting is an ocean resort, it’s a lot easier (and more fun) to do the research in warm weather. Then I’ll write in November.


    1. I’m excited Blood & Holy Water has a sequel, too. It’ll be interesting since the main character is one that people generally didn’t like. So, for your research on an ocean front resort — does that mean you get to go on a vacation? Using camp to prepare for November is a great idea!

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