The Secret Lives of Superhero Wives by Joynell Schultz REVIEW

My first blog review of my new novel, “The Secret Lives of Superhero Wives.” I hope I get more like this. 🙂 Thank you Booking Bella for taking the time to read my novel and review it! (Scroll down to read her review & make sure to check out her blog, too.)


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First, let me state the fact that I absolutely LOVE superheroes. When I first jumped into this ARC–I downloaded and began reading it today–I was not expecting the different view points, the plot, the characters, the drama, the love, and the constant squealing emitting from my mouth. This book was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! I am so glad Joynell Schultz gave me the chance to review this book. If I hadn’t read this, I feel like I would have missed out on such a good book.

Jumping into this book, we immediately meet the superhero wives: Ariana, Emma, and Victoria. We also meet their husbands, and we get to read about their lives, problems, feelings, etc. This is where we are introduced to extra details, such as the cities they live in and the political and superhero problems they all face, as well.

Ariana and her husband are newlyweds and still getting used to…

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4 thoughts on “The Secret Lives of Superhero Wives by Joynell Schultz REVIEW

  1. Congratulations! I have very recently found out how rewarding it feels to get good feedback from a reader. A glowing review for my novel appeared on YouTube a couple of days ago, and I’m amazed at how much a single positive review from a popular book reviewer can have on a book’s fortunes.

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