Where have I been?

Has anyone noticed I’ve been MIA?

No, I haven’t given up. Actually, I can’t wait to post my next 1000 True Fans post, as my mailing list is now over 10,000 subscribers…BUT my time has been limited.


Oh, let me tell you…

On June 28th, my father had a large tree limb randomly fall on him while he was walking through his zoo. He’s getting better now, but had to spend two weeks in the ICU while his skull fracture healed.

Those of you that have read my bio know my parents own a zoo. They work sun-up to sun-down seven days per week on their business. They love bringing a smile to visitor’s faces…just like why I write.

Well, with my dad out of commission and my mom having to care for him, that left the zoo needing management. My brother (who just graduated medical school) and I came rushing home to help with my dad and the animals.

Life’s been crazy. There’s always some emergency. From the Syrian brown bears getting crabby to a baby arctic fox needing ice blocks to handle some hot summer days. (Yes, we get them here in Wisconsin.)

Now, my parents are thinking of backing off a little and are wondering if my brother and I want to take over the zoo.

What an interesting life decision facing me and my family. We’ve decided to give it a try. All I know is it’s hard work, but quite rewarding as well. 

With all this, I haven’t done much new writing. I haven’t even blogged! Honestly, the little free time I have had has been spent trying to meet deadlines for projects I have in the works: The Secret Lives of Superhero Wives, Hidden: A Pregnant Fairy Godmother’s Journey, Witch or Treat: Multi-Author Halloween Anthology, and a Twelve Days of Christmas Anthology.

Once we move (which we are in the process of right now) and life settles down, I’ll find my balance (September, I hope. When the kids start up at their new schools). Until then, I’m enjoying the challenges thrown my way. One of my old managers used to say,  “You only grow in times of change.” That’s so true. Take a peek at this article from the Huffington Post showcasing this idea.

Here are a few photos from my album (my friends, the elk, a two month old baby bobcat, and a newborn Heck/Tarpan horse.):

Thanks for sticking with me. I really appreciate all my loyal followers.


  1. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the next 1000 True Fans post so I definitely noticed the lack of updates. And how in the world did you manage to get over 10,000 mailing list subscribers? I guess I need to get my act together and set one up myself.

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    1. I’m glad you noticed! I’ll post about the 1000 true fans, but I participated in a 3 month group paperback book giveaway and got over 5000 subscribers. We’ll see how many stay on as a fan. I’ve had over 13000 subscribers so far (some unsubscribe).

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  2. So glad you’re back Joynell! i included you (virtually) in my recent Facebook Meet the Authors event. Attendees said they want to read your books. Of course they do. They’re wonderful. Looking forward to SUPERHERO WIVES. On my TBR pile.

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  3. I’m glad your father is getting better, it is scary to think about such a situation. On the plus side that’s awesome news and a good experience over all, I wish and your family well.

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  4. good grief! what a turn of events in your life!! and 10k subscribers? mercy! i’m still working (feverishly) on 1,000. I wish you lots of luck with the zoo, but we want to hear from you, too. so you AND your brother are going to take it over?

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    1. Thanks for reading! Yes, lots of things going on in my life right now. I’m happy my brother is working with me to take it over…and my parents are doing well so they can pass their knowledge down. (And know, that my 10K mailing list subscribers are not all “true” fans. I’ll know how many of those I have by sales of my new books coming out.)


  5. Joy what an incredible journey you’ve had, both with your writing , the zoo and of course caring for your dad! I’m glad to hear he’s on the mend, and oh my wow to your subscribers list! That’s impressive. Keep on keeping on!

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  6. I’m glad you’re back–I’ve missed you! And I’m happy that your dad’s recovering and I’m super excited for the next 1000 fans post! 🙂 Plus, the zoo pictures are so cute…I’m looking forward to more of those, haha.

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  7. Wow – now you really need to write a biographical story about your life change. I can see you writing loads of stories for kids about teh characters in the zoo. You inspire me, I’m going to work harder!! Hugs!


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