11 Five-Star Books Featuring Fairy Godmothers


15 Five Star Books Featuring Fairy Godmothers (1)Who doesn’t need a Fairy Godmother? From Cinderella to the Fairly Odd Parents, Fairy Godmothers appear throughout literature and media. Here’s a list of 11 books (first in a series or stand alone) featuring fairy godmothers that are at least a 4-star, if not closer to 5-star.

This list is inspired by the two fairy godmother books I wrote, ranking in at 4.5-star and 4.4-star respectively.

My first pick is the classic book, “The Fairy Godmother” by Mercedes Lackey, currently rating a 4.2 star on Amazon. I read many of the books in this series and it’s what made me fall in love with Fairy Godmothers in my adulthood.

“Wishful Thinking” is at a 4.3 star with a urban fantasy feel.

“Fairy Godmother, Inc.” Is at 4.4 stars with a humorous chick-lit feel.

This version of “The Fairy Godmother” is a holiday historical romance rated at 4.1 stars.

“Wishing for Them” jumps on the reverse harem trend in this 4.5 star read.

“My Fair Godmother” is rated 4.4 star but currently available in only audiobook, paperback and hardcover on Amazon. (No kindle.)

This steamy romance (Loving a Fairy Godmother) comes in at a 4.3 star.

“Flunked” ranks at 4.3 stars and is a cute YA book.

Then there is, of course, “My Fairy Godmother is a Drag Queen,” currently rated at a 4.4 star. Not exactly a book with a Fairy Godmother, but it is a modern Cinderella retelling.

So…how many of the above books have you read?

Besides the classic Cinderella, what books did I miss on this list?

Please share your comments.

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